Corrective Exercise - January 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal
January 2008


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Corrective Exercise: Coming Full Circle
From medical gymnastics to proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation to self myofascial release and beyond, corrective exercise continues to help humans with physical dysfunction.
IDEA Personal Trainer Institute™
The conference and attendees reflected a maturing profession with much promise.

Personal Training

Case Study: Coaching A Sedentary Client
Ex Rx: To help inactive clients make meaningful lifestyle changes, think outside the gym.
The Quest For Greatness
PFT Profile: Todd Durkin's multilayered approach helps clients progress in all factors of life.
Creating A Client-Trainer Blog
Profit Center: Discover how to set up an effective online tool for client behavior change.
What Type Of Exercise Do You Use To Help Older Adults Prevent Falls?
Tricks of the Trade: Q&A.


Food For Thought
The latest in nutrition news and science.
Eating Green
Nutrition: It can be easy being green if you adopt these simple everyday practices.

Group Exercise

Group Energy
Buzz: Take a look at what other fitness facilities are putting on their schedules.
Sample Class: One-Step, Two-Step
Class Take-Out: Turn your single-step class into double the fun with some creative choreography.
Contributing Early
Generation Group XYZ: Teri Bladen, MS, assistant director of fitness and wellness at Arizona State University Campus Recreation, talks about making fitness fun for new instructors.
Stretch Or Strength?
Ignite: Use isometric training in your yoga warm-up.
A Formula For Fitness & Fun
What lessons can all directors and instructors learn from prechoreographed programs?

In Every Issue

Making News
Fighting For Healthy Food
Icons & Innovators: Practically everyone knows how unhealthy the modern diet has become, but Michael F. Jacobson, PhD, is determined to do something about it.
Research: Women’s weight loss breakthrough or bust?
10 Absolutes For Women In Business
Career Path: Make sure you’re well prepared before becoming a fitness entrepreneur.
Take Good Care Of Yourself
Just for You: Are you getting the regular health screenings you need?
White-chicken Chili
Seeking The Summit
IDEA member Nancy Norris inspires others with her passion for climbing the highest mountains in the world.
Posted Message Spurs Stair Climbing
Sample Class
Fitness Forums
Your feedback, concerns and insights.
I Inspire
Sleep Matters


Mind-Body-Spirit News
Wellness news and research from around the world.
Image Conscious: Why Teenage Girls Need Yoga
Inner IDEA: A look at the many benefits that yoga offers for adolescent girls.