CEC Research Issue - February 2007 IDEA Fitness Journal
February 2007

CEC Research Section

Vegetable Ragout With Whole-wheat Pasta
Taking A Good Headshot
Discover why a remarkable professional photo matters—and how to get one.
The Lumbopelvic Hip Girdle
Keeping It Real (Buzz)
Broaden the appeal of your classes with something for everyone.
How Do You Work Around A Personal Injury And Keep Training Your Clients? Tricks Of The Trade
The Dynamic Warm-Up
Structure a warm-up that prepares your clients’ minds and muscles for vigorous activity.
Mighty Motivation, Master Class With Maureen Hagan
Understanding Running Injuries, Fitness Handout
Pre-Exercise Stretching And Performance
Research offers insight into flexibility, function and the pros and cons of stretching prior to activity.
Len Kravitz: Research And Education Guru, Icons & Innovators
This veteran finds much to be excited about when looking ahead.
Improving Functional Abilities In Older Adults
Alcohol's Effect On Health And Performance
A Better Life (Joy Wagner)
Cues: Your Verbal Arsenal
Lessons Learned From Improv Comedy
Dance It Down
Use smooth moves and music to usher positive energy into participants’ lives.
Rock & Roll Stretch (Sample Class)
Use the foam roller to help participants release and relax tired muscles.
A Lifelong Journey (Karen Jashinsky)
Karen Jashinksy’s personal path has led her to provide a healthy atmosphere for teens.