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High-Intensity Inspiration
Inspire the World to FitnessĀ®: IDEA member Rich Carroll transĀ­formed personal tragedy into personal and professional fulfillment.
Connected, Centered & Committed
Inner IDEA: Inner IDEA Conference® attendees honored themselves, each other and the wellness revolution during 21/2 days of bliss.
Altering The Course- Permanently.
How Does Practicing Tai Chi Improve Balance?
Stability Ball Training For Sedentary Men And Women
Both genders can benefit from a training program that employs stability balls to improve spinal stability.
Pilates Improves Youth Fitness
Best Foods For Busy Women
Teaching Trainers The Art Of Self-Promotion
How to help your staff sell their own services to increase your club’s bottom line.Debra Atkinson,
Sample Class: Body Circuit
You don’t need equipment to teach intense intervals.
The Hidden Cost Of Liquid Calories
Why the silent culprit behind many a failed diet may be lurking inside those supersized beverage cups.
Stepping Up To The Pen
How to Improve Written Communication.
It's A Wrap
Yoga Provides Mind-Body Benefits To Breast Cancer Survivors
To Vitamin B Or Not To Vitamin B
"How Do You Handle The Situation When You Train A Client Who Also Works With Another Trainer?"
Dieting & Eating Disorders In Teens
Iron Deficiency And Exercise
Outwit, Outplay, Outlast?
A Pleasure And A Privilege
Motor Imagery: Using The Mind To Heal The Body
Start Spreading The News About Breadspreads
ADA Takes A Stand On Interventions For Childhood Obesity
Defining Periodization
Exploring the fundamentals for "cycling" training phases.
Resource To Make Kids Media Savvy
Fresh Cut Fruit & Nutrient Retention
Business World Warms To Yoga
Industry Trends To Follow
IDEA Health & Fitness Award recipients share their insights into what's shaping the future of fitness.
Learning To Love Silence
Cultivate more stillness in your life—and discover new reserves of energy, creativity and inspiration.
Just Monkeying Around (Jon Hinds)
A focus on full-body movements keeps Jon Hinds’s clients fit and feeling like kids again.