Mix It Up!
Use crossover ideas to inspire members to try something new.
The No-Baloney, No-Fad Diet
Inner IDEA Is Born
It Starts With You
Helen Vanderburg shares her thoughts on inspiration and on why learning never ends.
Caloric Restriction Is For The Birds
Music, Imagery And Healing Touch Help Heart Patients
Taking A Stand On Fortification And Supplementation
Plant The Seed, Watch It Grow
Advocating health at the grass roots level is simple and effective.
Tai Chi Reduces Fear Of Falling In Older Adults
Great Expectations
Controversies In Metabolism
How do resistance training, diet and age affect resting metabolic rate?
Say Nuts To Heart Disease
"What Do You Do If You Periodically Feel Less Motivated Than Usual In Your Career As A Trainer?"
Sample Class: Performance-Driven Indoor Cycling
Eat your "cupcake" and have it, too!
Mixing Innovation And Outstanding Service
Attention to detail and an obsessive focus on nurturing and pampering clients have kept Dave Parise’s business vital for 19 years.
Study: Obesity Increases Costs At Workplace
Media Morsels
How Fat Is Your State?
America's Fattest & Fittest Colleges
Shovel Snow Like A Pro
Profile Of Personal Training Clients
Don't Forget The Job Description
Study: Future Obesity Burden May Be Substantial
New Year, New Business Strategies
Should you give free consultations and discounted packages to clients?
Making Ethnic Food Substitutions
Taming Stress
Discover strategies for getting to the root of—and tackling—your stressors.
The Power Of Intention
Teach clients how to set an effective intention and stick with it.
Equipping Older Clients For The Future
Take a gander at the latest innovative features specially adapted to meet the needs of your mature members.
Yoga Booms In China
Remembering How To Play
Fitness professionals share fun, successful approaches to steering kids away from sedentary living.
Earning An Online Exercise Degree
Unable to attend an on-site university? Online exercise degrees provide an alternative.
A Little Knowledge Is A Healthy Thing
Aspirin And Vitamin E Get An "F"
Don't Cancel That Class!
Empower instructors to find their own subbing solutions and ease members into a new comfort zone.
Risk Management: Is Your Club Compliant Or Complacent?
The top four legal issues every club needs to consider in 2006.
Yoga Instructors Rush To Help Katrina Survivors
Vigorous Exercise Lessens Pain In Older Exercisers
Thinking Outside The (Lunch) Box
Fitness-Oriented Gym Classes Better Than Traditional
More Scientific Evidence For The Mind-Body Connection
Salad Bar Sabotage
A Pintsize Pyramid
Catching & Spreading A Serious Vibe
2005 IDEA Personal Trainer®—NYC
From Postrehabilitation To Play
Help clients make a successful transition from "walking wounded" to functional.
Scouting The Best Kitchen Scale