Intense Focus
Research: Research your members' needs and create a special class just for them.
Study Evaluates Exercise Capacity In Women
Yoga Helps Manage Weight In Midlife
Running For Life
Acupuncture Reduces Tension Headaches
Men: Got Milk?
Meditation: Just The Basics
It Starts With You
Kymberly Williams-Evans, MA, talks about the importance of bringing something in and sending something out.
The First Step
Don't overlook the warm-up as a successful start to your step class.
One Potato, Two Potatoes
Circuit Training For Groups
Shawna Kaminski makes training affordable and approachable for those who might not otherwise try it.
Preventing Iron Poisoning In Youngsters?
Multiple Answers About Multivitamins
This primer answers the questions clients commonly ask about taking vitamin and mineral supplements.
Sample Class: Sport Step
Incorporate athletic movements and sports drills into your step class.
Reducing Hip Fractures In Seniors Through Diet
Pilates Exercise: Lessons From The Lab
A new research study examines the effectiveness and safety of selected Pilates mat exercises.
A Studio Society
Create a positive program experience by fostering and developing participant relationships.
How To Create A Holiday Menu, From Soup To Nuts
Exercise Good For Chronic, Not Acute, Low-Back Pain
Women Who Take Daily Doses Of Extra-strength Tylenol® Need To Monitor Their Blood Pressure
Broccoli: A No-Nuke Zone
Obese Men Not As Fit As Obese Women
Overweight Girls Face Puberty Sooner
The Latest On PEP
Physical Activity Improves Survival After Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Bariatric Surgeries Up 400% In 5 Years
Resources For Home-Based Businesses
Baby Boomers Face Heavy Arthritis Risk
Echinacea Fails The Test
IDEA Member's Study Shows Yoga Benefits Older Adults
The Global Fitness Village
End The Year On A High Note
IDEA members and lifestyle coaches share tips for helping clients and students manage holiday stress.
Acupuncture And Exercise Reduce Pelvic Pain For Pregnant Women
Buff Up Your Muscular-Fitness Testing Skills
Steps for administering the most popular tests for muscular strength and endurance.
Managing Healthcare Costs Through Wellness
Reclaiming Joy In Your Life
Got the blahs? Discover ways to increase the pleasure in your days.
Spiritual Meditation Provides Stronger Pain Management
Balancing Your Work And Home Lives
Overwhelmed? Create a plan to give yourself the personal time you need.
Feldenkrais Clinic Offers Low-Fee Services
The Growing Problem Of Obesity
Understand the physiological and biological mechanisms of obesity, and examine the components of a successful lifestyle-modification program.
Recipe Substitutions
Forgiveness Linked To Less Back Pain
Leftover Turkey Soup With Pasta
Iron Deficiency In Athletes
A Prescription For Procrastinators
Ways you can help clients overcome obstacles to exercise.
Enticing Teen Girls To Eat Well
New Positive Resource For Kids
Why Veggie Women Don't Get Fat