Kids' Fitness - March 2005 IDEA Fitness Journal
March 2005
How Does Remarriage Affect Men’s Health?
Finding Your Anchor
Jay Blahnik discusses industry growth, the Internet, multilevel classes and how to succeed by finding what you do best.
Childhood Obesity Conference Call To Action: Let’s Work Together
Vitamin E: Less Is More
Egging On Eye Health
Meditation May Help Kids Lower BP And Improve Behavior
Sample Class: The Kids Wanna Dance!
Mix drills and skills with simple dance routines to engage 7- to 12-year-olds.
Choosing A Pilates Instructor
Gadgets, Shmadgets
Financial Planning For Retirement
Working your way through the puzzle of retirement savings options.
Handling Kids' Food Allergies
Branch Out Into Fitness Consulting
Expand your career horizons-and revenue opportunities-through consulting.
Yoga As Philosophy Of Living
Integrating Themes
Movement variations entice new exercisers.
More Good Reasons For Athletes To Do Yoga
Empathizing With Clients' Limitations
Pat Massey Welter has walked more than a mile in her customers’ shoes.
Heavy Kids, Heavy Hearts
A Weekend Of Solutions
Learn new ways to train body and mind at IDEA Fitness Fusion—Chicago®.
Obese Women More Likely To Lose Brain Tissue
Immigrants Face Fattening Future In United States
Media Morsels
Daily Exercise Improves Cognition, Sleep In Older Adults
Circuit Training Clubs Have New Association
People Are Talking About . . .
Study: Race May Affect Fitness Level
The Painful Truth
Mind-Body Benefits For Pre/Postnatal Women
Cracking Open The Coconut Diet
Mother's Milk Warning
Whole Grains = Weight Loss
Olive Oil Gets FDA Approval
No Kidding Around
How Do You Handle A Situation When The Body Odor Of A Client Offends Other Clients?
Make Believe In Motion
IDEA member Scott Liebler introduces low-income pre-schoolers to the wonders of movement.
Shrimp And Fennel In Hot Garlic Sauce
Color Me Healthy
Fitness Linked With Allied Health
Savory Science
What's The Matter With Kids' (Diets) Today?
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about children's nutrition.
Pooches Help Purge Pounds
Foods For What Ails You
Spas Project Growth In Mind-Body Programs
Health Really Pays Off
Ecclesiastical Exercise
The Hip Abductor Recumbent Bike
Anatomy, common injuries and postrehab strategies.
Trainability Of Children
Use research on growth patterns and neural, muscular, skeletal and hormonal development as guides for tailoring kids’ exercise program design.
Shaping A Healthier Future For America's Children
10 ways to work with schools to improve kids' fitness.
Can Carbs Pose Greater Heart Risk Than Saturated Fats?
Boost Business With Positive Body Image Marketing
Help your clients gain a healthy perspective on what it truly means to be fit.