Successful Cuing For Pilates
Tailor your cues to your clients' preferred methods of learning.
Spinach And Chicken Salad With Mango
Fishing For Answers
Got Tofu?
The Size-Sensitive Schedule
Create accessible and achievable classes that welcome overweight participants to your program.
Lactate-Not Guilty As Charged
Sample Class: Buoyant Intervals
Show larger adults how much fun movement can be with this water fitness class.
Demystifying Syndrome X
Why insulin resistance causes metabolic disturbances that can ultimately increase the risk for heart disease and diabetes and how you help.
Standing Strong
Help older adults reduce their risk of falls with a strategically designed balance and strength training program.
Cooking Healthy Fast Food
Want Bigger Classes?
Change your attitude, language and choreography to include plus-size participants.
Calculating Caloric Expenditure
Optimize client workouts by using the ACSM metabolic equations to determine exercise intensity and caloric expenditure.
With A Down Dog Here And A Down Dog There, Kids Enjoy Yoga And Meditation At Daycare
Beating The Credit Card Blues
Learn how to use credit cards so they work for-rather than against-you.
Summer Food Safety
If You Want To Start Working With A New Type Of Client, How Do You Educate Yourself About The Population?
Meditation Lowers High Blood Pressure Risk
A Lot On The Public's Plate
13 Great Reasons To Attend The 2005 IDEA World Fitness Convention
Tai Chi Improves Balance And Confidence In Older Adults
New Health Advisory About Soft Cheese
Employee Benefits Hold Steady
Circle Of Support
Patty Jones teams with a life coach to ensure that her clients get a personal training program that spells success.
Sports Drinks Harmful To Teeth?
Tomato: The Apple Of Love
Family Play Circuit
When clients use their kids as part of the "no time to exercise" excuse, point them toward a local playground.
Surviving A Job Termination
You're fired! Learn how to pick up the pieces and move on.
American Yoga Market Is $2.95 Billion Strong And Growing
The Greatest Show On Earth
Survey Says...
Substantial Services
Don't shy away from original ideas for larger people.
Curbing Chocolate Cravings
An Apple A Day For Eve
For The People
Proposed federal legislation could help you Inspire the World to Fitness.
Keeping Hunger At Bay
How to ward off those real and imaginary pangs of hunger.
Yoga Improves Sleep
Training Clients With Neuromuscular Disorders
A step-by-step approach.
Calling All Role Models
Three instructors talk about experiencing the industry in a larger body.
The Ankle Joint
Anatomy, common injuries and postrehab strategies.