IDEA Committees

As part of IDEA's mission to Inspire the World to Fitness and to promote the benefits physical exercise, health and wellness, IDEA has assembled some of the top experts to serve as committee members for the association. Furthermore, the committee members also advise and make recommendations on industry initiatives and how to better serve our members.

Group Fitness Committee

  • Donna Cyrus
  • Carol Espel
  • Shannon Fable
  • Alex Isaly
  • Chalene Johnson
  • June Kahn
  • Dan McDonogh
  • Carol Murphy
  • Ingrid Owen

Personal Trainer Committee

  • Mike Bracko
  • Douglas Brooks
  • Amy Dixon
  • Hayley Hollander
  • Brett Klika
  • Josh Lyons
  • Sherri McMillian
  • Peter Twist
  • Fraser Quelch

Program Director Committee

  • Debbie Bellenger
  • Grace DeSimone
  • Trina Gray
  • Darren Jacobson
  • K.C. Lee
  • PJ O’Clair
  • Kimberley Spreen
  • Christi Taylor
  • Amy Boone Thompson