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Kathryn Orsini
On Sep 20, 2011
Didi brings an impressive range of skills to her exercise physiology work: a comprehensive ‘suite’ that includes superb understanding of all the technical aspects of exercise physiology with truly delightful style of working with her clients to help them achieve their goals.

I first met Didi at a state-wide conference on falls risk reduction for older adults. When I spoke with her after the conference I was intrigued by her graduate school research and by her ongoing interest in reading the peer-reviewed journals on geriatric gait/balance/exercise issues. A few months later, I took a “train-the-trainer” workshop, which Didi created and led. Topics included protocols for assessing a client’s balance and physical functions as well as a host of safety precautions and specific exercises to incorporate in a group exercise program. It was clear that she had devoted an enormous amount of thoughtful time in preparing the course materials (presentation, hands-on practicum, and hand-outs that we could keep). She was very generous with her time when I emailed a few questions about the assessments and forms. Her answers were thorough and she provided the additional details I requested for my academic interests as a researcher.

Lastly, I am motivated to write this review because I observed Didi ‘in action’ – I recently observed three of her group classes for older adults (participants in their 80s and 90s) and I saw her work one-on-one as a personal trainer. Her technical expertise, helping people improve their day-to-day lives with improved balance and strength (and the confidence that therefore imparts to continue to enjoy activities) is seamlessly integrated with a sense of humor, warmth, and encouragement that the class members very clearly adore. Thus, her style keeps people coming back for more of something very beneficial! And that, for me, is the bottom line: her students are doing well and they enjoy being with her. Every one of her students beamed when they greeted her; some turned to me and spontaneously gave me a rousing endorsement of what a difference Didi has made in their lives. Since these folks are unlikely to write a review, I felt I had to share this wonderful set of reviews by proxy, and of course add my own observations and gratitude for Didi’s collegial, collaborative attitude. (I am a geriatric health social worker who also used to provide personal training for older adults.)
Judy Chong
On Aug 05, 2011
“I have known Diane as a student & colleague since 2004. She is the hardest, most organized person I know, and would be an asset to any organization. She founded the KPE Club at CSUEB and was its' first president. In addition to attending graduate classes, she also has worked at Senior Support Services of the TriValley in Pleasanton, developing & expanding their in home training for frail seniors, as well as guest lecturing & maintaining a private practice. She kept meticulous records and was able to use the outcomes results for a research paper. She has also developed fall prevention manuals and programs for various organizations in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Didi's work at Lake Park Retirement Residence in Oakland has demanded exceptional skill & perception since the residents range from fit to just out of surgery. She is well liked there and her classes are very popular.

Didi's organizational skills, and business background would enable her to not only manage a program, but to help it reach new heights. She is very creative using the resources that she is given, and consistently goes above & beyond what is asked of her.
Elinor Spencer
On Aug 04, 2011
I was indeed fortunate to be a member of Diane Lacroix 's class at the Hayward Senior Center in 2008-2009. Ms Lacroix actually made exercise FUN! Each week we all looked forward to what new ideas she would present to us, making that workout even more challenging than the last. We learned about the importance of balance, coordination, using weights correctly and teamwork, and all the while we were laughing. It never felt like work while Diane was teaching us better ways to maintain, improve and strengthen our bodies.

We benefited greatly from her extensive training, education and knowledge of the human body. I am so glad for her continuing success.

Elinor Irwin Spencer
Didi's Response on Aug 04, 2011:
Dear Elinor, I hope you are doing well and are still exercising. Thank you for your feedback and support, and let me know by email how you are doing and how is your health these days. Regards also to your daughter. Hugs! Didi
On Aug 04, 2011
Didi is one of the very best fitness therapists for seniors that I've encountered in 29 years working in the senior living industry. She is thoroughly knowlegable, emphathetic, personable and her expertise has benefited many residents profoundly. She is at once encouraging and instructive: residents not only respect her but love attending her classes or working with her one to one. She was the first professional hired to staff the Lakeview Fitness Center and was instrumental in creating one of the major features that attracts future residents to this active community. She has earned the respect and trust from residents and staff alike.
On Aug 04, 2011
Wilma Cox on August 4, 2011
Didi is one of the best fitness specialists that I've encountered in nearly 28 years experience of working in retirement communities. She is thoroughyly knowledgable, empathetic, personable, and her expertise has benefited many residents profoundly. She is at once encouraging and instructive and residents not only respect her but love being in her classes or working one to one with her. Her ability to adapt exercises and therapy for the more handicapped as well as those more indpendendant has earned respect from staff as well as residents. She began working with residents when the Lakeview Fitness Center first opened and she's really established the protocols and programs that has enhanced living and thriving at a retirement community.
Yvonne Cevello
On Aug 03, 2011
DiDi is a poised, knowledged and dedicated therapist and teacher. She has been very helpful in my two post-spinal surgeries recovery to strength and balance.
At 72 years of age, I have finally realized how important it is to be fit and prevent falls, thanks to her careful instruction. I really try to do the exercises she has recommended for every day & it has helped.
I always look forward to her visits.
Didi's Response on Aug 04, 2011:
Merci beaucoup Yvonne. C'est toujours un grand plaisir talking and working with you. As mentioned, let me know if you need further help. I'll be there in no time. And keep up with homework and les petits plaisirs de la vie :-) A bientot! Didi xo
On Aug 03, 2011
It is my distinct pleasure to write a review in support of Diane Lacroix
in her profession as an outstanding fitness instructor.
I had the good fortune of enrolling in her "Fitness over 50" class
at the Hayward Senior Center in 2008-2009. She was a dynamic
personality and teacher running the class though aerobics,
weights, stretching and floor work. Her routines were energetic,
inventive, and FUN! One of my favorite routines was "Puttin' on
the Ritz" She was very aware and considerate of the older participants and encouraged us in balance exercises. Also in her progam
was attention to healthy diet and lifestiyle with numerous handouts
and instructions. It was a sad day when she left us and went on to bigger and better endeavors. If I've forgotten anything in praise of
her qualities, I'll leave it to others to fill in the blanks.
Sincerely,Joe Forrest

Didi's Response on Aug 04, 2011:
Dear Joe, since I don't know whether you received my latest e-mail, let me post my response herewith. "Unforgottable, that's what you are ..." as per Mr. Nat King Cole's wonderful song. I'll never forget what a gentleman you are. I'm sure you still do many good deeds all around you, and I truly hope that you are having fun keeping fit and alert with some other lucky instructors. I miss you and the "Joy luck club" as you had baptized our class. Thank you very much for your testimonial, and warm w... more less

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