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  • by Amanda Russell on Feb 23, 2015

    My journey with Sue began in October last year. I have participated in the M/W/F Tabata Bootcamp class that she offers at my local gym. It is now the end of February and I am now down 20lbs, and am much stronger. I truly admire Sue's committment to all her clients, and her contagious enthusiasm. We are all different sizes, shapes, and abilities, yet Sue has us all working to each of our fullest potentials. Class never gets old because she keeps the circuits fresh each time. With her encouragement I have now added her Powerhouse Spin once a week and love it!

  • by User on Feb 11, 2015

    Sue has been my Pilates instructor for over a year now. She is helpful yet not critical. She is capable of teaching to all fitness levels. Her classes can be challenging, but she always presents modifications if your skills are not quite there. Her classes always go by so fast! I highly recommend her Pilates classes to anyone interested.

  • by Tom Lancaster on Jan 20, 2014

    Throughout my youth and early adulthood I had to keep myself in top shape. After switching to a "desk job" and raising a family for 20+ years, my waistline expanded, my weight rose, and my physical condition became rather pathetic. The thought of joining a gym never appealed to me, but I convinced myself to join Sue's Spin Class that was offered through the local school district. It was great! I eventually joined Sue's Tabata Boot Camp, as well. My weight dropped significantly. I'm in the best shape I've been in years, and I have to start shopping for new pants because the old ones are now too loose! Sue started me on the path toward a substantially healthier life. She varies her workout routines, and makes sure that they are fun and never boring. I particularly enjoyed the fact that our early-morning Boot Camps were always filled with laughter! Morro Bay's loss is Alaska's gain.

  • by Pete Sarafian on Jan 13, 2014

    I have taken fitness classes with Sue for many years, and find her a delight to be with. She is competent and very personable. We had lots of fun and lots of sweat!

  • by Julie O'Connor on Jan 10, 2014

    I have enjoyed taking various fitness classes from Sue over the past two years. She is an excellent fitness instructor not only because of her knowledge and ability but an inspiration to her students through her caring and positive attitude.

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