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Laura Lyman
On Mar 09, 2014
I have been working out with Mac for 2 months now. I was weak and now I am STRONG! If you aim to improve your body, Mac can help you figure out how. He is very good at keeping you focused on proper form to get the optimal benefit from each exercise. I highly recommend Mac!
Robert Ramirez
On Mar 02, 2014
Mac was my personal trainer a few months Mac. Not only was he attentive bit also patient with his approach. His initial assessment was on key and providede with a series of exercises which I still follow. Highly recommended.

Robert Ramirez
Alfred Stansbury
On Feb 09, 2014
Several weeks into working once a week w/ Mac, I feel like I've definitely picked the right trainer.
He communicates clearly and precisely: "Do it like this... Use these muscles... Drop your hips to make it harder..."
He's full of encouragement. This is very important because I need a lot.
He's flexible, whether it's about me needing to be out of town on session day, or whether it's about limitations resulting my disabilities. He's quick with an alternative so we can keep moving forward.
Alfred Stansbury
On Feb 09, 2014
Several weeks in to working once a week w/ Mac, I appreciate these things:
1) Clear and precise instructions "Use these muscles, not so much those." "Bring your hips down like this to make it harder." and so on.
2) Encouragement He is full of praise when I do things well, which matters to me because I am just getting started.
3) Flexibility It's never a problem when I need to be out of town, or when I can't do a particular thing because of my disabilities. He can always quickly find an alternative.
On Jan 31, 2014
My 17 year old son has been working with Mac for close to two years now. He initially saw Mac to help with his extremely painful osgood schlatter and plantar fasciitis. Since working with Mac he has been pain free and hasn't had any issues with those conditions, PLUS has gained strength and unbelievable flexibility. Besides being a great trainer, Mac has been an incredible mentor. Thank you Mac for all your hard work, it has really paid off.
shannon cahoon
On Oct 09, 2013
Mac offers a new perspective in physical training. He really listens to your body's needs and respects the natural process of strength and flexibility. Attention to detail in form during every rep and keeping the work out fun and changing often is what I've enjoyed most in working with him.
Wayne Hofer
On Mar 23, 2013
I first got in contact with Mac a few years ago at the YMCA. I was getting bored with my workout routine and felt that as an emerging senior citizen I needed someone to help me focus more on balance, overall body strength and flexibility. Mac was just the right person to do that. He helped me develop an exercise routine that I've been able to maintain for several years now. It has made a big difference in how I feel and look. Late last fall I was diagnosed with cogenital stenosis in my neck. To deal with the symptoms and especially to avoid serious future problems I had major neck surgery, a procedure called laminoplasty. Six weeks after the surgery, I called on Mac to help me regain my neck and shoulder strength. He got me a regime of exercises specifically designed to help me on my way to a speedy recovery. Now about 3 months later and weekly sessions with Mac, I am virtually pain free, and perhaps have greater neck and shoulder mobility and strength than before the surgery. I mostly credit this to Mac's insight and knowledge of the best way to help me recover. He really knows his stuff! THANK YOU MAC!
On Nov 15, 2012
Thank you Mac for the knowledge and fun that you have shared with me. The outdoor BootCamp class provides a fun environment and encourages me to push myself harder. Mac's approach is successful and designed for specific needs and incorporates every muscle group to provide for optimal achievement. The workouts are not physically easy, however, they are easy to enjoy! If you want results, confidence, and increased knowledge on nutrition and effective exercises, Mac is the one!
Arlene Mornick
On Nov 06, 2012
I have been working with Mac Dodds for severals years and he has helped me maintain my strength, fitness and good health. Mac has an excellent way of customizing a workout session to meet an individuals's needs. His instructions and demos are clear, he gives good cues for perfecting form, provides excellent tips for working through those trouble spots and is always encouraging. Mac is a professional, cares about those he works with, and is always a positive influence.
Arlene Mornick
November 6, 2012
On Oct 19, 2012
I have been working out with Mac for a few years now and he has really listened to me and my body. It has helped me stay injury free during our workouts. When I used to workout on my own, I always had a shoulder, or knee that would limit me. Mac always chooses exercises that don't hurt so I can still get the exercise I need. Thank you Mac!

Adam J.

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