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Howard Slavitt
On Jul 01, 2014
I have been working with Mac for about 1 1/2 years. I'm 52 years old. Mac has helped me to become more fit, increase strength and muscle, and to reduce fat. He's a great motivator. I started working out with Mac once a week (for about a year) and now have added a second, half-hour session mid week to keep me on track. . . . I can even do pull-ups now (7 at once, or about 25-30 during a one hour session) for the first time in my life! . . .

Mac also has been training my stepson (now 19) since he was 15, and his body has been transformed from fat/pudgy to a fit/slim teenager.

In short, Mac's the best!
Mac's Response on Jul 02, 2014:
Thanks so much Howard! It's been a pleasure working with you and your amazing family!
Laura Lyman
On Mar 09, 2014
I have been working out with Mac for 2 months now. I was weak and now I am STRONG! If you aim to improve your body, Mac can help you figure out how. He is very good at keeping you focused on proper form to get the optimal benefit from each exercise. I highly recommend Mac!
Mac's Response on Mar 11, 2014:
Thank You Laura. Keep working to get stronger!
Robert Ramirez
On Mar 02, 2014
Mac was my personal trainer a few months Mac. Not only was he attentive bit also patient with his approach. His initial assessment was on key and providede with a series of exercises which I still follow. Highly recommended.

Robert Ramirez
Mac's Response on Mar 11, 2014:
Thanks for the review Robert. I am glad that it helps make your life better. Keep it up.
Alfred Stansbury
On Feb 09, 2014
Several weeks into working once a week w/ Mac, I feel like I've definitely picked the right trainer.
He communicates clearly and precisely: "Do it like this... Use these muscles... Drop your hips to make it harder..."
He's full of encouragement. This is very important because I need a lot.
He's flexible, whether it's about me needing to be out of town on session day, or whether it's about limitations resulting my disabilities. He's quick with an alternative so we can keep moving forward.
Mac's Response on Feb 10, 2014:
Thanks Stan.
Alfred Stansbury
On Feb 09, 2014
Several weeks in to working once a week w/ Mac, I appreciate these things:
1) Clear and precise instructions "Use these muscles, not so much those." "Bring your hips down like this to make it harder." and so on.
2) Encouragement He is full of praise when I do things well, which matters to me because I am just getting started.
3) Flexibility It's never a problem when I need to be out of town, or when I can't do a particular thing because of my disabilities. He can always quickly find an alternative.
Mac's Response on Feb 10, 2014:
Thanks for the great review and working so hard in our sessions.

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