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d brown
On May 28, 2014
Risa is awesome. She truly cares about your success. She shows you the proper technique. The most amazing part of her training is she will challenge you to do things you never thought you can do. I have never been a runner but I am starting to realize a new vision. If your looking for someone who cares, knowledgeable, encouraging and genuine. Risa is the trainer for you.
Mel T
On May 22, 2013
"Risa has been a blessing to so many women both young and seasoned:)!!! I've had the pleasure of taking her water aerobic class for the past two years (looking to take it again this year) and it has been a blast. Who knew you could get your sweat on in a pool, lol!!! Seriously, she works every part of your body from doing aerobics, resistance training, weights, laps, and so much more which include tons of fun!!! Not only do we do aerobic activity in the pool but she adds some out of the pool as well. A complete workout you will definitely get!!! FitIAm - you help others to become just that! Thank you for all you do with encouraging others in their journey to become healthier, happier, and fit:)!!! Blessings to you and much continued success!!!"
Kyra Dolison
On May 04, 2013
I'm loving the Hula Hoop Class. I can now do 6 correct push ups! I'm able to do more each day with your tips and guidance. I actually did a cartwheel yesterday. Thank You!
On Mar 07, 2013
Risa, by far, is more than a personal trainer. I knew after our first phone conversation that my search for a new trainer was over. She will push you in an encouraging, supportive environment, remind one of their goals should they get off track, and takes time to check in on you if you somehow become MIA. While the workouts can be grueling, she makes you want to come back; not just for the camaraderie, but also for the results. It's a win-win situation.
Shaw Evelyn
On Feb 03, 2012
As a 67-year old female, I had just about given up. My body ached from shoulders to knees. I knew I had to do something, so I decided to find a trainer. I called Risa, a former co-worker, and she is make a tremendous difference in my life. I have lost weight and am losing inches. She is exceptional and pushes you to your limits--no matter what age. I had no idea that I could accomplish what I have so far. Risa is patient, yet firm. She is passionate about her work and simply desires that all of us become the persons we should be--both physically and mentally. He sweet demeanor and encouragement have inspired me to get the far. Now her goal for me is to jog a mile--and I am on my way!!
On Sep 09, 2011
God Bless you, Risa! You and your classes were the motivation/ catalyst for me to begin my own fitness journey a few years ago. I've gained strength and met new friends through your classes. You're tough and somehow a sweetheart at the same time. Somehow, I don't get mad with you but I have been known to roll my eyes----while catching my breath! But oh, how my body changed!! Thanks. I am also inspired that you promote the Pink Ribbon Marathon (Susan Komen) every year by asking your class to participate if they can. My daughter and I participated in the Baltimore Marathon, trained and earned funds for the Arthritis Foundation and introduced my son to Marathoning because of my own personal fitness goals. My son is now training for his second stint in the Marine Corps Maraton and his friends are trying to place this year. By the way, I'm way over 50 now and still trying to pull it all tight(er).... I know you never knew the impact you've made - but it's snowballing my dear!
JoNeal White
On Aug 17, 2011
Risa is a dedicated fitness instructor and personal trainer. She will not allow you to settle for less than your best. No matter, how much you may think that 99.99% is good enough, she will insist that you give the entire 100%. However, in the end, the sense of accomplishment and reaching your fitness goals prove to be worth the blood, sweat and tears!!!!!
J Aiken
On Aug 10, 2011
Post significant weight loss program, I was flabby, weak and in need of toning. Risa provided (much needed) instruction, guidance and professional tips that has helped me maintain weight loss, motivate and inspire me to constantly increase fitness and strength goals. I look forward to weekly classes, results, delightful Christian atmosphere, fun and "Group-Therapy" for LIFE!
S Crawford
On Aug 08, 2011
Risa is a wonderful instructor. I have had the opportunity of knowing her and being in her hula hoop class for the past three years through Prince George's Co. Parks/Recreation. I was intimidated at first, because of the unknown of what to expect from this class and also being quite overweight. Her approach to exercise was a blessing. She pushed me in a strong and positive way. She never gave up on me even when I wanted to give up on myself. The one quote that always stands out for me from her is, "Ladies I can make you do what you don't want to's up to you..because whatever you put into this workout is what you're going to get out of it.. you make the choice" and that sticks with me as a I workout. Since working with Risa, I have lost 4 dress sizes and continuing on until I reach my goal. She has truly been a God-send.
Carla Jasper
On Aug 05, 2011
Risa is the bomb. She’s a great personal trainer with a wonderful and inspiring personality. Her tricky techniques of getting the most of you are highly effective. I was first introduced to her through a fitness class and have even had her as a personal trainer. Her rates are great and her schedule is extremely flexible.

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