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Keith Walker
On Dec 02, 2013
I came to Heike through an internet search and then interviewing trainers over the phone. She sounded very knowledgeable, tough but fair. I did not want to waste her time and am very picky about who I wanted. I needed someone that would hold me accountable, push me, but also understand that it took decades to get to the shape I am in and it was not all going to get fixed overnight. She gave me a new way of eating (not a diet), lots of exercises that I can do on my own, worked my extremely hard in our sessions, but let me also take a breather when I clearly needed it. I lost 35 lbs. and felt the best I had in a great while. Since I travel all the time, I don't train with Heike anymore (sad), but I am grateful for her time, attention, and for training me on how to take better care of myself for the long run. Thanks Heike!!!
Suzanne Stone
On Jul 29, 2013
Heike is a wonderful trainer. She pays very close attention to each client's issues and especially physical challenges. I agree with others' comments about her ability to listen and observe and the personalization of the workouts. Each week she comes up with new exercises to keep it fresh.
Carolyn Martin
On Dec 31, 2012
I have been working with Heike for about 9 months after deciding to give Pilates a try. I was immediately impressed with how much attention she pays to my individual issues and how effective she is at addressing those issues in ways that work for me. The hour flies by because she keeps me entertained.
Dana Spencer
On Dec 30, 2012
Heike is very knowledgeable and great fun. I have neck, back and knee issues and she's able to work competently with all of these issues. I am very happy with the progress I have made with her. I feel and look better without a doubt. Highly recommend her.
Viveca Novak
On Nov 29, 2011
Heike can tell by looking at her clients what's going on with their bodies, but she's a great listener as well as a fabulous observer. As other commenters have noted, she personalizes her work with each individual. And she comes up with practical ideas for "homework." She's also very upbeat. I'm a huge fan.
On Nov 10, 2011
I have worked with Heike for six years. I have a number of health issues which make it difficult to come up with a workout I can perform that also yields results. But Heike has devised workouts that accommodate my issues while also challenging me. For me, this is what really makes Heike special. She doesn't use a one-size-fits-all approach. And she doesn't give up. She keeps trying until she devises exercises that work for the individual. There are lots of trainers who can work with fit 20-30 year olds (and Heike can certainly do that too), but very few I know of who can tailor a program to work with those of us who are older, with health challenges and injuries.
Eileen Finnegan
On Nov 06, 2011
Heike really listens to your needs and is able to adapt her teaching skills to your learning style. I find it amazing that she remembers what my issues are and what we worked on last. She is very professional - preparing before each session and keeping it interesting. Besides being a fun and knowledgable trainer, she sets a great example for her profession by the way she lives her life. Heike is the real deal.
Gabriel Roth
On Nov 06, 2011
I've worked with Heike for almost two years and my posture has much improved as a result. Her work-outs are always interesting and never excessive. She has a fantastic knowledge of each client and knows how best to help them and even which muscles need to be rested.

nan coughlin
On Nov 06, 2011
I have been going to Heike twice a week for some years now. She has helped me through shoulder surgery, back pain and various aches and pains. Meanwhile, I am growing fitter, learning about how my body should be aligned and in general feeling much more energetic. On top of this she is always cheerful and has a great personality.
On Nov 05, 2011
Heike is a wonderful instructor. She reaches each student at his or her level of ability. She is a lively, encouraging instructor and really knows a lot about exercise and the human body. I truly enjoy working with her.

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