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Joan M
On Jul 31, 2012
Over the past several years Bob has taken a holistic approach to my weight training through personally designed and implemented training programs, nutritional guidance, and cross training advice. As I have been working with Bob my goals continue to expand from initially getting physically fit and losing weight, to participating in a mud run, and now to hiking the Grand Canyon. Bob takes into consideration my current strengths and weaknesses, the time I have available to train, and the specific requirements of my next challenge. Each program designed by Bob builds upon my strengths and Bob's positive and enthusiastic approach drive me to work harder to reach my goals. Since working with Bob and his well-rounded approach my physical fitness has improved significantly, my health has seen drastic improvement, and life's stressors have less impact on my health. I highly recommend Bob for those starting out as well as those with specific physical goals in mind.

On Jul 23, 2012
After going through several trainers, I came upon Bob by referral. My specific need is to be a well rounded athlete, and to keep myself in shape for the Army. Over the past several years, he consistently delivers a dynamic program to work with my strengths and weaknesses, with remarkable results. Between the workouts and nutritional guidance, I lost 30lb, and I am substantially more fit. I am convinced that I am in a far healthier place, which I would not be in were it not for the partnership that we forged together. In sum, Bob is the top of the line.
Susan mccullagh
On Jul 19, 2012
I started working with Bob after undergoing treatment for Breast Cancer. After working on regaining my strength and mobility lost during treatment I decided to continue working with Bob for general training and fitness. Bob was always acutely aware of my appropriate workout level and pushed me if I didn't work to that level. He also took the time to know what I wanted to work on and if there were any problems that needed to be worked on. Bob is easy to work with and very professional .
Susan McCullagh
esther jakob
On Jul 15, 2012
I have been working with Bob a little over five years. Bob improved my performance, strength and stamina. He also helped improve my posture and flexibity. I am not a work-out fanatic however I feel much better now having a weekly routine set up. My energy level went up and I deal much better with stress. Bob also recommended some natural supplements that support my overall wellness.

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