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Howard Hackett
On Jul 08, 2014
I have working on my balance "problem" for 5 years now. Neurologists and fitness classes. They have worked to a point.

I recently took Linda's Balance sessions. She taught me much more than I ever knew before. Now I do not need a cane, nor a walker. I can walk anywhere any time without being afraid of falling.

Three cheers for the teaching of Linda. And bless her loving what she is doing, and taking the fear out of the fall that will never happen.

Thank you,
Rachael Murphy
On Jul 07, 2014
I've been taking Linda's FallProof balance class since September 2008. Usually, I'm the youngest in the class - beginning in my 50's. Start young ! :-) Linda definitely knows her "stuff" -- she has been well trained in the mechanics of avoiding falls and moving with balance from her initial studies through her ongoing continuing education, plus teaching, for the past 30 some years. Linda easily gets across the "how" of strengthening the critical muscles necessary for maintaining balance, and helps us to develop mobility in our bodies and become steadier on our feet. And just as important, she makes it all FUN! The classes are reasonably priced, the material emphasized is never the same two classes in a row, we laugh and joke, yet fully attend to the serious business of avoiding falls and acquiring balance competence in everyday tasks. Unlike my yoga, pilates and arthritis-focused exercise classes, I'm more steady and confident walking after I've attended Linda's balance class. You have everything to gain by being in class regularly. RM, Los Angeles, CA

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