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Jeff Thorpe
On Nov 26, 2013
My name is Jeff Thorpe and I have been working with Jerry since May.
Started with Jerry after visiting with 3 other trainers at different fitness centers.
I was pretty sure I had found the right trainer.
I Told him my goal was to compete in a Tough Mudder event at age 50. Since May I have lost over 30 pounds and about 20 inches. Completed the Tough Mudder (12 mile run with 25 obstacles) last month.
By following his advise on nutrition and his training to get me physically ready. I now know I found the right trainer. Jerry is awesome as a trainer and a terrific person.
Thanks for everything Jerry
Nanette Laudadio
On Oct 04, 2013
Jerry is a great trainer! He took me from absolutely no strength after 7 surgeries to having a great base now! He worked with my restrictions and adapted all the exercises to get me my strength, stamina, and range of motion back to where I feel good again!
He also helped with my dietary needs and educated me on my nutritional needs. I would recommend Jerry to anyone interested in getting results from training! If you listen to him and follow his lead, you WILL get results! Definitely!
On Oct 03, 2013
Good trainer, good guy. Jerry knows his stuff,
Whether it's nutrition, diet, work outs, or
general health conditioning, he can handle it.
First class trainer!

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