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Leigh-Anne O'Brien
On Aug 22, 2011
I have been attending Angela's classes for the past year and I simply can't say enough about her skill, knowledge, enthusiasm and integrity. Angela ensures that all participants receive a thorough work-out with each and every class, checking in with each person throughout the duration of the exercises. Angela is also extremely approachable, professional and thoughtful. Attending her classes provides more than just a solid work-out; you also receive her attentive, kind approach which ensures that all participants truly feel like they are in integral part of the group.

Anyone who has been considering working with Angela should absolutely look no further. "Get Fit" nourishes body, mind and spirit. What a blessing!

Leigh-Anne O'Brien
michelle furlong
On Aug 18, 2011
I have been working out with Angela for a few years now and I tell anyone who will listen, that it is the best thing I ever done for myself!

I use to work out at home, but after being referred to Angela's classes I absolutely love them! She has a range of fitness classes so you never get bored. She is very interested in your fitness sucess and she also is very knowledgeable about training.

I think anyone can go to a gym or fitness classes, but it's Angela that makes working out a unique experience. She's fun and mixes it up, yet focused and determined on each individuals outcomes.

I highly reccommend anyone thinking of taking a fitness class to try out Angela's "GET FIT"!!

Michelle Furlong
Sue Collins
On Aug 18, 2011
I have gone to Angela's classes since January and I feel great, I also have had several comments on how great I look and have I been working out. With Angela's personality she really makes the classes fun and is always looking to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. I would definitely recommend her classes to anyone, she is always ready with an alternative exercise depending on your own body, not just this is the way the whole class has to do it.

Sue Collins

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