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  • by Elizabeth Rutherford on Sep 24, 2014

    In March 2014 I asked Sean if he would assist me in increasing my physical fitness. At that time, I toyed with the idea of participating in the SB Triathlon sprint, thinking that I was looking a year plus out. Well, in August 2014 I completed that sprint with Sean's help and support the whole way.
    Because his integrity and his love are so very clear Sean is able to create an environment where I fell safe to focus on my personal progress, not on his needs. I can take risks. I can experience the joy of discovering my own ability and strength.
    I think of Sean as a dear friend, one I am glad I had the good fortune to meet.

  • by Jo Tejada on Sep 22, 2014

    I met Sean about a year ago, when I did a Fitness Assessment test and asked me if I thought about joining a gym. I told him that I was very hesitant because of my limitations(I am 3 feet , 6 inches) and did not know if I would be able to reach or use any of the equipment. He took me in as my trainer and helped me to try different machines and exercises that I would be able to do. I was afraid of the Treadmill and Sean helped me gain confidence by encouraging me and also assist in develop 6 routine workouts. I have lost 15 lbs in one year compared to 3-4 lbs with Weight Watchers in 6 years.

  • by Leslie Perry Emmens on Sep 20, 2014

    I've known Sean for about 4 years. He's keenly aware of my body's limitations from past injuries and has put the confidence of knowing "I can" back into my life where doctors told me "I can't". Because of not only Sean's knowledge as a trainer, but his belief in me, I'm competing in triathalons, half marathons and even a bikini contest! Plus, he's a very astute listener and has been my shoulder to cry on...before he then kicks me in the rear working out! I adore working out with him and the friendship that has evolved.

  • by Jennifer Pierce on Mar 13, 2014

    Sean is great. True knowledge in strengthening and rehab for people with low back issues. I have been working with him since December '13 and have made great strides. He uses Foundation Training with his personal training which is awesome. I have better posture and can accomplish day to day tasks easier with no back issues. (like picking up my laundry basket).

  • by peter cohen on Jan 14, 2014

    Sean has been my trainer for more than 3 years. Besides his ever present upbeat attitude, he clearly knows what he is talking about. He pushes me to do things I don't want to do but should. I am in the best shape of my life and could not have done it without Sean's expertise, motivation, and Wit:)

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