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Kristal Eppinette
On Jan 02, 2013
Kristin is an excellent coach! She hekped me all the way trough my Inanity workout! She was right there anytime I had a question or just needed a little support. I don't think I wold have been able to finish the program if were not for her gentle pushes every now and again! Thank you so much Kristen! My life has truly changed because of your help!
Kristin's Response on Sep 03, 2013:
You are VERY welcome, sweetheart! I will ALWAYS be here for you - NO MATTER WHAT. Please feel free to always come to me if you need help with ANYTHING (even if it's NOT fitness related!) I will always do anything & everything I can to help you in any way I can. :) Now get down and give me 20 push-ups, young lady! ;) (LOL). Thanks again for such a kind and wonderful review... I truly appreciate it!

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