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  • by Cary Hokama on Jan 11, 2013

    In July of 2012, I planned on getting my NASM certification until my friend recommended NCEP. I was very hesitant at first because I've never heard of the organization. Today, I am a certified Holistic Personal Trainer through NCEP and plan to get my certification in MMA training as well as Nutrition through them as well.

    The concept of intertwining holistic fitness and lifestyle, functional training, and even attitude training all make sense to me and it absolutely gets my clients fired up when I explain to them what we stand for.

    The best part of the NCEP community is the support provided by Adam and Mike (Founder / Co-Directors) outside of receiving the certification. They follow up with you constantly and are always willing to lend any help or assistance in each persons progress, growth, and career. I strongly recommend this certification, lifestyle, and organization to anybody interested in fitness and health. I personally am so excited to be a big part of their future growth and success.

  • by sylvia brosien on Jan 10, 2013

    i became last year a ncep certified is a great class,adam my instructor was absolutely the greatest instructor i ever had.the only problem here in hawaii is that they dont accept this certification in many of the gyms planning to move,becaues i believe that this is a great certificate and it fits my lifestyle as a fitness dance instructor,perfectly.i believe that thie is the best certification whats out there.i highly recommend it world wide.i wish hawaii would accept it and be more open to new proud to have this certification.silvia

  • by Deborah Hatch on Jan 05, 2013

    I am currently an NCEP Certified Personal Trainer and will receive my Holistic Nutrition Certificate shortly. I checked into several other programs before a friend recommended NCEP to me. I appreciated the fact that I would be able to attend a class with other fitness professionals vice trying to do everything on line by myself. The price was reasonable. The curriculum seemed reputable. What a great decision!! What I received from NCEP was relevant, current, quality training. NCEP’s focus on a holistic, functional approach to exercise was directly in line with my own views. The class size allowed students to interact with one another which enhanced our training. I value the community of NCEP trainers that I can call upon as resources. I highly recommend this training.

  • by Anthony Cabral on Jan 04, 2013

    Definitely a life changing and worth while experience. Having completed the NCEP - Rainbow Warrior Martial Arts MMA Trainer Certification Program I really feel empowered and confident in my abilities as a Personal Trainer. The information and experience was invaluable, this was a great foundation and first into the world of Health and Fitness. Although it was a lot of information to grasp in a short amount of time, I didn't feel overwhelmed at any point. Incorporating the Personal Training class and MMA Trainer into one curriculum makes the experience even more empowering as I was able to see how the functional training directly relates to the sport. Even after the program was over I still keep in touch with NCEP. They truly care about the product they produce. The only short coming is that there aren't more events on the east coast! Without a doubt I recommend highly this program for anyone who wants to learn more about the sport of MMA, personal training certification, and network with some amazing individuals!

  • by Angela Cho on Jan 04, 2013

    I am currently a NCEP Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Consultant. I got both my certifications last year and I love this program. My career as a trainer has been moving forward in a great way. I'm doing what I love and that's changing lives. NCEP offers a great program in both personal training and holistic nutrition. I would highly recommend all who are considering becoming a trainer to get certified with NCEP. The staff continues to be great mentors and supportive ans I build my career in the fitness industry!