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Chip Lupu
On Jan 09, 2015
I am 68 years old, and have recurring back problems -- nothing that needed surgery, but enough to drive me away from running, then from biking, and most recently from golf. I went to Denny with goals of improving overall fitness and getting my golfing life back. He listened carefully and suggested a series of sessions -- three one hour intro sessions, and then 10 thirty minute sessions. I have now been through 6 of those thirty minute sessions. Denny's eye and ear are amazing; he listens and he watches. His judgment about what to work on must be VERY good, because I already feel much stronger through the middle of my body (core, glutes, hips). I can do my 3 mile walk and my 4 mile elliptical machine workout a full minute faster, each of them, without trying harder than before to move fast. Of course I work out on my own on days when I do not see him, and that's a big part of this fast improvement. But he has helped motivate me to do that, because I have seen results so quickly. I will post another review in the spring, when golf season begins!
For now, I am just very grateful for Denny's skill as a trainer.

Barbara Bankert
On Nov 11, 2014
I enrolled in a series of training sessions with Denny in August. I have had recurring neck and shoulder problems for years and have been in and out of physical therapy and exercise classes. Denny immediately determined my problem areas and designed a well rounded program to keep me both in shape and out of pain.
He is a patient trainer who takes the time to explain (in some cases over and over again!) and pushes you when it is needed.
I will be a student of his for many years!!
I highly recommend him.
Jennifer S
On Oct 07, 2014
I contacted Denny about the Biometrics program. I just finished the program and in 6 weeks I had a 12 lb difference between fat lost and muscle gained. I lost inches, became super strong and started a fitness and nutrition routine that will last because it is simple and doesn't take a lot of time. Denny was a great trainer who explained things and supported my goals. Jennifer
robert traister
On Apr 04, 2014
Arriving home extremely stiff after a lengthy vacation with hip and back soreness i scheduled an introductory session with Denny who was highly recommended by my golfing friends. The introductory session occurred in late February 2014. Denny provided a multi step stretching regimen that i religiously executed at least once a day for several weeks. A noticeable physical improvement became evident about the second week with continuous improvement thereafter. Denny then provided a second increment of exercises that focused on continuous limbering of my muscular structure but also started increasing my strength.

At this point about two months after I started with Denny there is no doubt his instruction has helped my golf game and my total physical well being.

Bob Traister
Susan Fernandez
On Oct 15, 2013
I have been training with Denny since mid-summer and am amazed with the results I've seen in such a short time with the increase in strength and balance! Denny customizes each workout to keep them challenging and interesting. He adapts the workout to my abilities and always with a focus on my goals (including weight loss). His expertise in overall health and fiteness and ever-present encouragement have helped me push toward new goals including possibly training for a 5K in the spring. I have never been a runner and with issues with both knees did not think that would ever be possible...until now. Thank you, Denny, for making fitness fun and for the great workouts! Susan Fernandez
Larissa Payne
On Oct 12, 2013
I have been training with Denny for several months. He always has something new in store to challenge me. I am healthy now, but I completely stopped strength training in 2007 after some wrist surgeries. I believe a professional trainer (Denny) has helped me not re-injure myself while getting back into shape. He is also good at spotting weak areas (such as balance in my case) and personalizing my workout to work on these issues.
Alexandra Braun
On Oct 11, 2013
Denny is a wonderful trainer. He has helped me recover twice from back injuries sustained from other sports by using corrective exercise - strengthening opposing muscles and stretching those that are overworking. His workouts are always challenging but not so painful that you don't want to come back - it is always a pleasant experience. Prior to my back injuries, Denny was amazing in helping me become extremely strong and agile/balanced.
Amy LaFerrera
On Aug 13, 2013
Denny is an extremely knowledgeable and professional trainer. We worked together at the gym where I was a member in Arlington to focus my strength training initially, and then he helped me through the BioMetrics nutrition and training program. Denny was very good at setting achievable goals for me and challenging exercises without pushing me past my limits. I found the BioMetrics program to be extremely beneficial in helping me learn to cook in a more healthy way and I was successful in losing about 8 pounds over a 6 week period. Afterwards, I continued eating healthy on my own and have reached my goal weight for a total weight loss of about 15 pounds. I have been able to keep the weight off now for over 6 months with better nutrition and feel better than I had before. Denny helped me to become more motivated in fitness and nutrition and I always enjoyed working with him.
Mollie ONeill
On Aug 02, 2013
I have known Denny for over 10 years. I was very excited to learn that Denny had become certified in Corrective Exercise through NASM, and I am currently working with him on a corrective exercise program for my knees. By the second exercise session, I could actually put some weight on my left leg, something I haven't been able to do successfully for almost 4 years. After a little over one month, I can walk up and down stairs, one leg after the other. For anybody who suffers from knee pain, you know what an accomplishment this is! Denny is a well-informed professional who listens to his clients. The exercise program he designed for me meets my specific needs and addresses my goal to achieve muscle strength and overall stability. Thanks, Denny! Mollie O'Neill
Roz Sloan
On Jul 10, 2013
I've been working with Denny for a couple of years. I've had a number of injuries over the years and he's been wonderful about working with me to avoid additional injury and to build strength. He's given me a number of exercises I can do at home. He keeps the training a sessions interesting with new exercises and challenges me but doesn't push me beyond my capabilities. As I'm olDer and it takes longer to heal, I really appreciate his style.

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