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Mallorie Erickson
On May 13, 2015
Justin is an amazing personal trainer. He takes the time to listen to all your goals and works hard to provide the fitness routines and support to help you reach them. Choose him as your fitness instructor and you will NOT be disappointed.
Chloe Cook
On Feb 04, 2014
Justin is a great trainer! I have only been going to him for a little bit and am seeing some good results! He is good at motivating and makes working out fun. I would recommend Justin to everyone!
On Feb 03, 2014
Justin was amazing to work with. He is upbeat, fun and really pushes you. He is also empathetic yet still gets you to do that one more rep.
Nancy Clifton
On Feb 03, 2014
Justin is always the best motivator and coach for me and my husband over the internet (Skype). I have severe lumbar problems and with his help over the last 5 months, I have been able to firm and tone my body better than I have in years, while also losing 20 pounds! I feel terrific again!! Just thrilled! He came highly recommended from a past client of his, I'm so glad to have found him and will definitely tell others of his expertise.
Kamie P
On Jan 31, 2014
Justin Rogers is a terrific trainer! Whether you have 5, 10, or 50 lbs to lose...Justin is the guy you want training you!
On Jan 19, 2014
I saw some incredible changes regarding my fitness in the last 6 months. A 40 pound weight loss and stamina I never thought I could achieve. And I have my coach Justin Rogers to thank for it! But 2014 you ain't seen nothing yet!
-Ashlee Park
Joe West
On Jan 09, 2014
Justin Rogers has the most drive of any human being that I have ever met. Its contagious. I wanted to work harder the harder he worked. Justin helped me get past my body image issues and focus on what is important. Because of Justin I completely changed my diet and workout program. I lost 45 lbs in the process. I am grateful for meeting and being able to work out with this man.
Madi van Uitert
On Nov 04, 2013
Justin is awesome! He is so fun and really has been a friend to me. He was very understanding about my limits and was great about accommodating them. He helped me understand that exercise can be fun and not something to avoid. He was so enthusiastic and excited for me, and he really helped me believe in myself. Justin is the most supportive guy I know, I'm so glad I know him! You will love working with Justin!
Derek Lonsberry
On Aug 01, 2013
Justin Rogers is a very confident leader. He has lead the path for me to change my life within health and wellness. I lost 25 pounds by hard work and better eating habits implemented by Justin. He helped me realize fitness isn't just something you have to drag yourself into. Being healthy and fit is a way of life. I feel soooo much better each and every day physically, emotionally, reduced stress, etc. I owe it to you, Justin. Thank you for changing my life!!
Aaron Cericola
On May 21, 2013
I believe in Justin Rogers and his ability to help others reach their personal fitness goals on any level. I feel strongly in the belief that everyone is born to do great things in the field that they are meant to be in and Justin Rogers definitely has the potential to be one of the greatest physical health trainers that you can find anywhere. His in depth knowledge of the human body along with the gift of being able to relate to anyone who has the need to get fit while creating a great program for that person is out matched. I know this to be true due to my own experience working out with Justin. I was on Dialysis for 5 years due to stage 5 kidney failure and received a kidney transplant on October 16th 2012 through the Mayo Clinic exchange program. My wife gave up one of her kidneys to someone across the country who in turn had someone in their life donate to me a kidney. That in its self is a miracle but in the first week of Feb 2013 I started training with Justin and could not even do 1 push up. Now 4 months later I am stronger than I have ever been in my entire life even after all those years playing sports in high school and college pick up games. I am truly grateful for Justin's help and I would advise anyone to give him a call TODAY and get their journey started in the right direction when it comes to fitness.
Kim Harshberger
On Feb 25, 2013
Justin is great at motivating and tailoring a program that fits your needs! He pushes you to get to the next level of your training and uses different types of training exercises instead of weight lifting all the time. I have enjoyed the professionalism and support and would recommend him to anyone.
eric guilleminault
On Jan 22, 2013
Justin has the credentials and the positive attitude to get you back into shape. His Functional training background and his knowledge with the TRX Suspension trainer will help his clients achieve their fitness goals
Lauryn Hosemann
On Jan 07, 2013
Justin def. has a positive attitude and he is a great motivator. He is patient and understandable of your needs.
Errol Colandro
On Jan 07, 2013
Justin has been working with me via email for over a period of 6 months. He has pushed me towards my goals, he is extremely passionate about helping YOU. He makes it educational, fun, and worthwhile.

And this is all through, EMAIL! I mean, its always great to have someone there in person, but, Justin is one of the best motivators I have had the pleasure to work with. There were times when I was feeling quite unsuccessful with my routine, he personally called me and talked me through the routine!

I would highly recommend Justin to anyone! Like I said earlier, he is passionate about helping you, he is an amazing motivator, and above all a great person!

Thanks again Justin!!!
Jaimon Pritts
On Jan 05, 2013
Justin is a beast, he's a tremendous athlete and an excellent motivator. I've run a few half marathons with him and have a few more planned, including the tough Mudder. Justin is always pushing in the right direction with his own and others' personal fitness. Justin will definitely help you set and achieve all your fitness goals!
Erin Abel
On Jan 03, 2013
I should've known Justin would turn out to be a personal trainer when he grew up. Ever since the day he smashed my favorite barbie car with his bench weights I knew Justin was into fitness. Justin is a great guy who has been through so much in his lifetime. This helps him to be an understanding personal trainer who will work with you on whatever your fitness needs are. He's personable guy and I guarantee, if you pick him to be your personal trainer, you'll end up making a life long friend AND meet or exceed your fitness goals!
Katie Mullins
On Jan 02, 2013
Justin is confident and charismatic. From the moment I met him I felt at ease. He is so approachable! Weight and exercise are not things that I openly talk about with people because I am shy and uncomfortable and afraid of people judging me or criticizing me. I hate gyms for that reason! When I finally got the nerve to discuss my health and weight issues with Justin I was so impressed with his enthusiasm to help! He immediately helped me with a plan that's right for me! With every question I had he was ready with an answer, I was really blown away by his knowledge. His personal story and loyalty to his friends, family and clients is really truly inspiring!
anne parker
On Dec 30, 2012
I met Justin two months ago. He was a student in a TRX certification course I was teaching. Justin's positive attitude, knowledge and sparkling personality immediately struck me. He is a true fitness professional with a huge heart for helping others get healthy and fit. Congratulations Justin on your success and I look forward to learning about all of the people's lives you are going to positively influence in your fitness career.
Charlotte Shipley
On Dec 27, 2012
I have had the pleasure of knowing Justin for some time now. He has such a passion for fitness and wellness that he encourages me to keep with my fitness and wellness goals. He is a great motivator, and is always thinking of ways to make those goals a reality. I would recommend Justin to anyone who is looking to loose weight and make a lifestyle change. He is a great leader and I know he can lead anyone to their goals. Good Luck to all!!
On Dec 27, 2012
I have only worked out with Justin a couple of times, but am very impressed with his knowledge of proper lifting techniques and many ways of making gains in muscle mass. Justin is a great trainer and friend.
Brian Howell
On Dec 27, 2012
I have been working with Justin for several months and am impressed with his passion for fitness. He is empathetic toward your needs, makes excellent assessments, helps you set high but attainable goals, and is committed to helping you achieve them. Justin's in-home training is convenient. He brings all the proper equipment you need; it's just as effective - if not more so - than a workout you would get at a gym.
On Dec 21, 2012
Justin is patient and motivating and willing to work with you. He wants to see you get healthy and in the best shape that you can be in.
rachel turet
On Dec 21, 2012
Justin's family and mine have been really good friends for many years, a friendship that's more like some family you get to choose, which is how I earned the affectionate title as Justin's aunt Rachel.
Knowing about my frustrations of physical limitations and health issues, Justin suggested that we could work together, be workout buddies. For me, it might mean feeling better, maybe a little stronger, more energy. And although Justin said it could help to hone his skills in helping those with limitations, I'm pretty sure that in his generosity, he just wanted to help me, while leaving my pride intact.
His passion for the gym is no secret, and seeing how skillfully he'd sculpted his own body's definition, it took very little convincing for me to try.
So what exactly is a personal trainer? To be honest, and more than a little ashamed, I'd always considered them to be those pretty, decorative people at the gym, who, while most helpful in learning the equipment, were more about bringing in new business.
Talk about misconception!! The amount of knowledge regarding the body's parts, musculature, systems, interactions, and function that is required to become licensed as a personal trainer is extremely difficult and frankly, would intimidate a "brainy" peron like me. So, my sincere apologies to all you beautiful, extremely smart, personal trainers out there, for my silly preconceived notions about what it is that you do. The difference between wandering around the gym, trying to decide which machines might work for you, and having a knowledgeable trainer tailor-fit a program just for you, is like the difference between traveling in a cattle car or going first class.
I believe that training for over 30 years with one of the most highly respected karate Sensei's in NY makes me a pretty good judge of teaching skills. So aside from the required learned skills, I've found Justin's patience, dedication and most importantly his intuitiveness, as to just how far to push, to be his natural gifts that will take him far in his chosen career and life in general. And while he is very serious about helping me accomplish the most that I can, there is no doubt in the fun and pleasure he gets from my every success.
So after 6 months of working with Justin, do I now look like a 20 year old model? I'm afraid that miracle would require a plastic surgeon with magical powers. Besides, it's not what this 65 year old grandmother was looking for. I will tell you that I've cut my diabetes and arthritis meds by half. I've regained most of my lost flexibility. I feel toned, love the way my clothes fit, there is now a bounce to my step and with each physical challenge that I conquer, I feel elated. Working out with Justin has also relieved some depression issues that were weighing me down. It's impossible to be depressed after working out for an hour in an atmosphere of achievement, pampering and kick-ass fun.
If you have any questions about my experience in working with Justin, please feel free to contact me at
If you're considering this positive adventure in self improvement, I strongly recommend that you go for it"!
As Justin says "you deserve it".
Aunt Rachel

On Dec 04, 2012
my god i love functional training, great stuff
Kate Em
On Feb 03, 2014
Justin was pleasant and easy to get along with. He will be empathetic while still pushing you to do one more rep.
Justin's Response on Feb 04, 2014:
Justin's Response on Jan 07, 2013:
thank you so much Anne. you inspire me.
Justin's Response on Dec 27, 2012:
It has been my pleasure buddy. Your son working out with us today was the coolest thing ever. I hope he likes his kettlebell
Justin's Response on Dec 21, 2012:
wow Rachel, thank you so much..

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