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Chloe Cook
On Feb 04, 2014
Justin is a great trainer! I have only been going to him for a little bit and am seeing some good results! He is good at motivating and makes working out fun. I would recommend Justin to everyone!
Kate Em
On Feb 03, 2014
Justin was pleasant and easy to get along with. He will be empathetic while still pushing you to do one more rep.
On Feb 03, 2014
Justin was amazing to work with. He is upbeat, fun and really pushes you. He is also empathetic yet still gets you to do that one more rep.
Nancy Clifton
On Feb 03, 2014
Justin is always the best motivator and coach for me and my husband over the internet (Skype). I have severe lumbar problems and with his help over the last 5 months, I have been able to firm and tone my body better than I have in years, while also losing 20 pounds! I feel terrific again!! Just thrilled! He came highly recommended from a past client of his, I'm so glad to have found him and will definitely tell others of his expertise.
ashlee park
On Feb 02, 2014
I had Justin as a personal trainer for 6 months and while I did see some great results with him, I could not recommend him to anyone now. His customer service and how he treats people is poor and lacking. I was taken advantage of as a client and when our business relationship was terminated and I asked for a refund in the amount of $360 for services NOT RENDERED I was told, "Not going to happen." He did cancel on many occasions and I could never quite count on him to show up. Despite him already having my money. Be very careful when considering a trainer.
Justin's Response on Feb 03, 2014:
Ashley was my client for 6 months. Unfortunately, this is a prime example of why you do not mix business with pleasure. This is a personal issue that arose regarding puppies we had. I didn't feel comfortable giving her family member one as they gave us the mother because they didn't have the time to care for her. It had nothing to do with our training. She asked for the refund only after this issue made it impossible for me to train her at home. I offered to train her elsewhere and she was th... more less
Kamie P
On Jan 31, 2014
Justin Rogers is a terrific trainer! Whether you have 5, 10, or 50 lbs to lose...Justin is the guy you want training you!
On Jan 19, 2014
I saw some incredible changes regarding my fitness in the last 6 months. A 40 pound weight loss and stamina I never thought I could achieve. And I have my coach Justin Rogers to thank for it! But 2014 you ain't seen nothing yet!
-Ashlee Park
Justin's Response on Feb 04, 2014:
Joe West
On Jan 09, 2014
Justin Rogers has the most drive of any human being that I have ever met. Its contagious. I wanted to work harder the harder he worked. Justin helped me get past my body image issues and focus on what is important. Because of Justin I completely changed my diet and workout program. I lost 45 lbs in the process. I am grateful for meeting and being able to work out with this man.

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