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Patrick Burkey
On Jun 18, 2012
I love working out with Deshawn, he keep our group going and didn't let it get boring at all! He keep on the people that needed the little boost and also never let it get boring for the ones who were in a bit better shape...
I never looked on the scale as how I was/am doing fitness wise, but just for those who do it for sure shows on the scale too. I lost 20 lbs durring our 3 month challange. I didn't change my diet at all, if I did change my diet I would have lost a lot more, but for me it's all about how I look and feel, and I'm very happy with how I look and feel!
la tanya brown
On Jun 15, 2012
DeShawn is a very pleasant guy. I met him thru social networks. He introduced me to Advocare and gave me some important tips for my health and exercise program. I enjoy knowing him
Pris Valtierra
On Jun 15, 2012
I have been training with Deshawn for the last 3 months. He always brings a high level of energy and high expectations to keep us motivated. He pushes us just enough so that we are not discouraged and we still learn how far our bodies can go. Deshawn changes our twice a week workouts to give us an entire body workout and it is never boring. I am completely satisfied with Deshawn as our trainer!
Donna Hector
On May 17, 2012
Deshawn is a great trainer! He is working with two groups of us for our company Fitness Challenge, we are 8 weeks into our 12 weeks and we are all doing wonderful. He never works us out the same, everyday is a different challenge! Urghh The Swiper! :) :) He keeps us moving and motivated! Glad to have him as our trainer.
Laurie Buford
On May 17, 2012
Deshawn is awesome. He is one of my trainers at Camp Gladiator bootcamp. Although he's new to CG, he brings a fresh perspective and a whole lot of fun and unique exercises! He's very energizing and motivating and has a great personality that makes it fun to work out. But that does not mean that he's not making it a challenge! And although the atmosphere is fun and light, he's constantly watching for form and will correct you if you're off. I look forward to Deshawn's workouts and plan on working out with him for a long time.

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