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Amber Simek
On Dec 29, 2012
Lauren is wonderful! She does an excellent job tailoring the exercises to my fitness level and she also takes into consideration the specific areas that I want to tone up. She really knows her stuff! She can tell you how to change one little thing about an exercise to work a different muscle group or to make the exercise either more intense or less intense depending on what you need at the time. She is non-judgemental and really comfortable to be around - escpecially if you are like me and need some extra help with form. She really does make working out fun!! I highly recommend Lauren!

-Amber Simek
LJ's Response on Jan 21, 2013:
Amber, thank you for getting on here to review me. It was a pleasure working with you. Feel free to join us any time you are in town.
Jill Schafer
On Nov 12, 2012
Lauren is very knowledgeable and has a whole variety of exercises & equipment to keep things interesting and challenging. Before we started, Lauren took the time to understand my fitness level and areas of strength and weakness, as well as my fitness goals. Then she made sure that I had alternate moves for any exercise that could put too much strain on my wrists -- which are my weakest link.

Lauren knows when to push and when to slow down, and her great personality and enthusiasm make working out fun and productive. We work hard and after the cool down period I feel energized and like I've been pushed just enough to make an impact, without overdoing.
Jackie Neal
On Nov 12, 2012
Lauren is a wonderful personal trainer. She has a great understanding of the fundamentals and is helping me get back into shape.
I love her enthusiasm and creativity. Who knew exercising could be so fun!
- Jackie N.
Jo Skalka
On Nov 11, 2012
I approached Lauren after recovering from Bunion surgery. Having been sidelined for 4 months, I knew I needed help to return to soccer and other activities. We've been working in a small group of three, and I find the plan she comes up with both challenging and beneficial.

She taylors the exercises for the sports we play, and focuses on balance, core strength, aerobics, weight training and fun. I hope to transform my body as she has hers.

I highly recommend Lauren, and love her approach to her up-beat can do attitude.

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