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  • by connie o'donnell on Apr 12, 2012

    Thank you Kate.. You are a wonderful motivator. Your inspire soo many. I love your classes. They are energizing and I get great results. Hope to see you on your charity event Sunday : )

  • by K MM on Apr 12, 2012

    Kate has been amazing! She is encouraging and tough on you when needed. After three kids I never thought I would ever wear a bathing suit ever again, but with her help this has changed. I am very happy with her approach to fitness and how she directs and motivates her class.

  • by User on Apr 12, 2012

    Kate is awesome!! She truly knows what she is doing. Her love for Fitness rubs off on you. I've been working out with her for 2 months and i do notice a difference in my body!
    she is the BEST!!

  • by Judi Leidiger on Apr 12, 2012

    Kate has made Sunday early morning group exercize fun! I've seen the other women she trains shrink and get more fit, week by week.