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Jerri Timmons
On May 15, 2013
Mark is the best trainer I have worked with. He is very innovative and challenging. He will encourage you to push beyond your limitations. He is always on time and never lazy. He will surpass your expectations.
Nicole Mayer
On Apr 03, 2013
I am NOT a "natural" runner, but Mark has time and time again pushed me to perform at my best. He is a great motivator and excellent trainer! There has been many times that he's run right along side me and pushed me through those last few strides when I wanted to give up. Participating in Mark's running classes in particular enabled me to go from not being able to run even a quarter-mile to completing my first 10K (running the whole thing) and now having a half-marathon as a goal. That's all a huge deal for me and I know I wouldn't have even considered these things for myself had it not been for Mark's skill and motivation!
No Name
On Mar 27, 2013
I personally have had the pleasure of getting to know Mark and his facility over the last several months. I am more than happy with his motivation and the diversity of the training methods offerred. Being a financial professional, it can be tough to find the time and energy to get in a good exercise routine. Marks facility is an exceptional solution to this. Go see for yourself! - Omar F. Cujar, Boca Raton, FL
liz timmes
On Mar 27, 2013
Mark is a great trainer. I have done the running classes and some of the evening classes with Mark. It's always a challenge and I never leave without feeling exhaused and waking up sore. I highly recommend Mark for training.
liz timmes
On Mar 27, 2013
Mark is a great trainer. I have done the running class and some of his evening classes. His classes are always a challenge and he's a great motivator. I am always exhausted at the end but I know it only makes us stronger.
Rie Gibbons
On Mar 27, 2013
THE best trainer in town!!!
He has a lot of knowledge and is a very caring person.
If you want to improve your running, I 100% recommend training with him.
Jennette Sandifer
On Mar 26, 2013
Mark and his team at Evolution Fitness (EAST) make working out enjoyable. It is a family like atmosphere where I feel valued. For much of my life I got lost in the shuffle of the gym world. Mark and his team help me stay accountable and are very encouraging. I biggest hurdle in working out is your mind- he helps give you the confidence that your mind needs to push harder. Absolutely an amazing gym and amazing trainer:)
Lorna Baxter
On Mar 26, 2013
Getting fit has never been easier until I met Mark 3 months ago after deciding to sign up for the 90 days Transformation Challenge at Evolution Fitness. Mark provide you with the right training guidance and support to achieve your fitness goals.

I wanted to increased my activity for more result, Mark designed a personalized training plan tailored to my individual need that I'm able to do at home in the mornings. Mark continues to check on my progress, making changes to my plan on a weekly basis for more challenging workout.

I have also added a track speed workout where Mark paced me at a 9 min ml, he took me out of my comfort zone and pushed me beyond my limit. Mark is helping me to exercise smart as well as hard. His workout is never the same, every workout is different. Mark is amazing and one of the best trainer I know, I highly recommend Mark if you are looking for a great workout!......... Lorna Baxter

Kim Turner
On Mar 26, 2013
I have trained with Mark in both large and small group settings as well as individual personal training and he is nothing short of amazing! He is a very creative and motiving individual, knowledgeable about what he does, caring, yet tough. His workouts will undoubtedly leave you very sore the next day, and they never get boring—he never does the same workout routine twice (even when teaching large group classes). I’ve been working out for years with multiple trainers and Mark is definitely the best in Boca! --Kim Turner
Marie van Bourgondien
On Feb 15, 2012
Mark had the unique gift to instill intrinsic motivation in you. Always encouraging, never criticising. He makes you want to dig deeper and work harder. Kind, motivating, leading by example and a good dose of humour. Top class trainer. Written by, London.

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