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Cindy Trunzo
On Dec 06, 2013
Jennie has changed my life in the most positive of ways. She has helped me overcome physical fears that were limiting my ability to get fit. Her nutritional guidance and support have helped me drop weight, almost magically. My strength and stamina have increased proportionally. I couldn't be happier!
Vanessa Duron
On Dec 06, 2013
I started working with Jennie about 6months ago in a group program. Shes amazing. She dosnt only tell you whatto eat she tells you why. I started my one on one trainng with her shortly after.she's very encouraging and knowledgeable. My experience with Jennie has been nothing but amazing she understands the struggle and motivates you to get to where you want to be.
On Dec 05, 2013
Jennie is amazing. I follow her online posts and she inspires me. An amazing fitness coach. I wish I lived closer. Thank you Jennie. Keep it up. You are pure awesomeness
Traci Gardina
On Dec 05, 2013
Jennie - amazing! I started working with Jennie
allmost 5 months ago. When I started with Jennie
I had never touch a weight in my life, I had been a
group fitness junky for years and I wanted to be defined. Jennie
spent a month with me one - on - one teaching me the correct
form and reasons for what I was doing. It has been an amazing
Daniel Ishii
On Dec 05, 2013
For the past 6 months Jennifer has been everything from my nutritionist, mentor and training partner. Since I've been working with her my performance as a strength athlete has never been better. All the while she has taught me how to fine tune my nutrition plans for my clients as well. She is nothing short of professional or attentive when it comes to her clients
Louis Uridel
On Dec 05, 2013
I see Jennie training he clients on a daily basis... they are all happy with what she is doing. Every client I have seen her work with has increased athletic ability and completely changed their physique. As a fellow trainer and business person in the fitness industry, I would highly recommend her as a trainer to anyone.
Matt Krause
On Feb 02, 2012
Jennifer has been a personal friend and trainer of mine for 4 years now. She has created result oriented diets and workout for me since day one. She knows her stuff and when you meet her you will see that and hear that immediately. Not only is she a awesome trainer, she has an awesome heart and takes your time into concideration. We are all busy these days and she is excellent in time management workouts. Whether it be a 20 minute routine or 2 hour, you will get the result you are looking for.

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