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Brit Melvin
On Dec 21, 2011
Watus is awesome. His positive attitude and knowledge make you want to do better and keep going. He will really personalize your goals and outline how tp overcome your obstacles. I would recommend him to anyone. He is always helpful and accessible.
Watus's Response on Dec 21, 2011:
B LIVELY!!! Thanks!! I keep me posted on how you're doing in CA!! = )
Victor Umeh
On Dec 21, 2011
So I have worked-out of and on with Watus Cooper for the past 4 years and I would just like to say there is NOBODY that does it better! Not only does he know countless workouts and exercise routines but he is very knowledgeable about the body and how to correct problems you could be having from working out. Without the help of Watus, I don't think I would have been able to achieve my fitness goals and strive for even harder ones. In addition to that, I would not know the things I do to maintain my workouts while away from his training. Watus has workouts to fit all fitness levels and always keeps the workouts challenging and interesting and I really appreciate that! Don't believe me? Try 1 workout and there will be no need for debate.

Victor Umeh
Watus's Response on Dec 21, 2011:
No body ever works harder than VIC!! You made my job easy! = )
Tommie Clardy
On Dec 20, 2011
Watus, is and always has been a first class-act when it comes to his people skills which makes him successful with training the wide range of people he does from mothers trying to get their "sexy back",to young aspiring college athletes(myself) to professional athletes. Watus is the man, he really is savvy and efficient in getting the best results out of those willing to just meet him halfway by attending his sessions. I'm speaking from personal experience when you need to get right for whatever reason Watus is your guy. The best thing about Watus as mentioned above he's a people person so he gets to know all of his clients he works with, and what their individual needs are so he's gets the JOB Done!Watus has an unlimited amount of savvy when it comes to what the body needs in order to become the athlete,mom,or pro that you want to be.


Tommie Clardy III
Watus's Response on Dec 21, 2011:
You're going to do some big things Tommie!! Thanks for stopping by my page bro!
dan blasi
On Dec 19, 2011
Great trainer and incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and exercise. Has a vast and incredible understanding of nutrition from every aspect and how it relates to the individual's fitness goals. Very patient and professional and is always willing to help.
Dan Blasi
Watus's Response on Dec 19, 2011:
Thank you very much DAN the MAN!! = )

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