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Mary Winokur
On May 28, 2015
I greatly enjoy the Zumba Gold class that Tony teaches at the Mid-County Community Center. I look forward to going and feel great afterwards. I hope he will continue to teach this class.
Sandy Lowe
On Dec 27, 2014
Tony has taught our Zumba Gold classes at Mid-County for the past year, and I am delighted to recommend him highly for his wonderful work. He is enthusiastic, and has an abundance of positive energy. We eagerly anticipate his class every week, and he motivates everyone in the group to **move** and give 100 percent. We all feel happier and healthier due to the energy, passion, and commitment he imparts. We forget our age when he is leading our classes! Thank you, Tony!
Julia Evans
On Dec 16, 2014
I would recommend Tony's classes and personal training to anyone. My husband and I love his classes because he works all of the little muscles that most trainers ignore. When I was pregnant with my 2nd child we hired him to do personal training with me and he was great. I had severe hip problems relating to the pregnancy and he helped me work out and stay in shape (I only gained 25 lbs!). His workout had an added benefit of reducing my hip problems, which even my physical therapist couldn't do! I wish I had known him during my first pregnancy. He is a great guy, very personable and professional, and he clearly loves what he does.
Dave Reynolds
On Dec 15, 2014
I have known Tony for over 20 years and we have always found him to be very professional, energetic, creative and very effective in his programming for everyone he works with. He is always striving to improve his skills and implement them where appropriate. He is friendly, reliable and very considerate of everyone's needs. We look forward to continuing and growing our professional relationship for many years to come.
Dave Reynolds, Owner, Dave Reynolds and Associates, LLC, Personal Fitness Specialists.
Claudia Chavez
On Sep 09, 2014
Tony is the best personal trainer I have had the chance to work with. He knows how to train clients of every fitness level, when to push a client and when to hold back, and best of all he nurtures his clients. He doesn't simply teach others, he continues to grow as a personal trainer and learn new techniques. If you have a chance to take one of his classes, do it, you will enjoy the experience and get a great workout.

If you are having an off day and a workout seems like too much have a chat with him. I'd be surprised if he didn't have you feeling up to the challenge within a few minutes.
kurt Felix
On Sep 04, 2014
Tony is not just and awesome fitness coach but also a great guy. He's very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and can create training plans specific to your specific needs.

He's a great family man too and it was my pleasure meeting and getting to him and his family. I highly recommend Tony to any and everyone!!!

Kurt Felix
2012 Olympian
2014 Commonwealth Bronze medalist
Daniel Yakupka
On Sep 03, 2014
Tony Bryan is a great fitness coach. He understands the functions of the human body in order to put training programs together for people with specific needs. He is passionate about his job and is an outstanding role model for our future generations. Working with Tony has been a pleasure and with his knowledge, determination, and positive personality he can improve the health and quality of others lives.
I highly recommend Tony as a fit pro serving Maryland and Washington DC.
Daniel Yakupka
Head Coach
Fit4Life Fitness & Performance
Djenaba Kai Jones
On Aug 29, 2014
Tony is a phenomenal fitness instructor with a heart of gold. Working with him is just as beneficial to the soul as it is to the body. I highly recommend him for all of your fitness needs!
Bob Penaloza
On Jun 18, 2014
Tony is the ultimate physical fitness professional and an outstanding person! I give him the highest level of recommendation.
George Kreis
On Jun 18, 2014
Tony is an amazing trainer and friend! Tony has been training me for almost 10 years and I have never been in better shape and I am hitting the golf ball farther and straighter than I ever have. My handicap has gone from 15 to 10 and I am now over 50 years old. My time with Tony is also a great chance to reflect on the mental aspect of my life as well. Tony is an all around great guy!

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