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Thea Ward
On Sep 02, 2014
While at work I get to witness Thea Ward working with her clients. She is passionate about helping them not only succeed, but surpass where they thought they could go. She is very knowledgeable, energetic, honest and will work hard keeping her client's goals in front of her own. Thea is driven to learn and is motivated to keep current with new training techniques and then implement them. She's not just talking the talk, she's enjoying every sweat dripping minute.

-Mike Somer, Gold's Gym Bismarck
On Jun 14, 2012
I have not personally worked with Thea (although I am hoping to check out one of her Bootcamp classes when I'm in the Bismarck area), however I have come to know her through a childhood friend of mine who has had amazing results working with her. I have bounced ideas off of Thea and seen some of the workout plans she has created and they are incredibly well balanced and easily adaptable to a variety of fitness levels. I would highly recommend Thea as a trainer if you're looking to make a lifestyle change. She has a fresh perspective and a lot of creative ideas to make fitness workable for all people. :)
Marilyn Deeter
On Mar 23, 2012
Thea is an awesome trainer! Thea is very creative with her workouts and offers a lot of variety to our sessions. She is very considerate of our age and always checks with us before workouts, to make sure nothing is hurting. Have been with Thea since January 4, 2012, and she has not miss one training session. Recommend Thea Very Highly.
Sandy Erickstad
On Mar 22, 2012
I truly enjoy Thea as a trainer. Our workouts are always challenging, but Thea is very considerate of limitations we have and easily adapts to our needs. Every workout is different so it doesn't get boring. I leave every session feeling like I have had a great workout!
Laure Engelhart
On Dec 13, 2011
I enjoy workouts with Thea. She keeps me interested (nothing boring) and active (constantly on the move).
Thea is an excellent trainer, highly recommended!
Jodi Wilkens
On Dec 06, 2011
Great trainer. Puts together a workout just for you based of your goals and fitness level. She keeps your workouts changing so your body has to keep working. Very highly recommended!!!!

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