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On Jul 17, 2012
I went to AAPT (personal training school in Boston) back in January , I spoke with Ben from admissions , I told him that I was interested in going to school at AAPT. I told Ben that I was dyslexic and told him that I needed special accommodations in order to attend the school. He promised me the world what ever you need ,what ever you need , so I signed up. But a week before school started (5 months later) I sent Ben a e-mail , with an accommodation letter that needed to be signed, for some reason there was a problem they did not want to sign it.I just wanted to make sure I received the help they promise me. It's really kind of sad I really wanted to attend the school, talk is really cheap, when he came down to sign the paper to make sure I got the help I needed there was a problem.
On Jun 26, 2014
Talk is really cheap. Do not believe anything the admissions employees say. You ask them a question to only find out the information they give you is misleading. All they want is your money. This school trains you on "how to look like a personal trainer" because the school only offers a "diploma" which won't get you far because you still need to get your certification after the program is complete but you won't know that until you attend the first class, and by then it is too late. The school will want 25% of the tuition for only attending a few hours of class which is $1290.00. That is one exspensive workout. With that being said, they do not even help you get certified. You have to pay more money and take an online exam. You matters well just take out the "middle man," grab study material, and take the online exam. This will save you $5000.00 and lots of frustration. DO NOT ATTEND AAPT!!!!

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