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Lindsey Calof
On Sep 03, 2013
The things that I admire most about Addie as a trainer include her level of professionalism as well as mindfulness and attention she puts into every workout with her clients. She kicks your butt in an AWESOME way and you get exactly what you ask for.

We work at the same club and I had asked Addie to take me on a "client" to prepare for my wedding this past July. Every workout we did together was designed to build up the areas that would be showing while in my dress. And they were challenging! As a fitness professional, you become picky in the people you choose to work with because we are able to push ourselves on our own pretty decently. I so looked forward to my workouts with Addie every week and I really made a ton of progress. I felt dynamite on my wedding day! If you are a bride, do not wait to contact Addie. She has a great understanding of what you need, listens intently, and BLASTS away any insecurity you may be having about the way you will look on your day. Trust me when I say I have met/worked with a ton of personal trainers; Addie is so special and you will be extremely happy!-LC
Chris Liedman
On Aug 24, 2013
My wife had been working out and running for a few years, but was bored with her programs. I had no fitness experience, wanted to lose a few pounds, find a muscle or two, and see where I could go.

Addie listened to our stories and goals, tailored well-rounded workouts that we could do together (a big part of our success), and has been a steady force in helping us achieve our goals; and we found some muscles!

We're not "experienced fitness clients", and were a little intimidated by the thought of having a personal trainer. Addie immediately made us feel comfortable and has helped us with everything including equipment, workouts, nutrition, discipline and finding a fitness balance with our busy lives.

Thank you Addie!

Amy & Chris
Ham Lake, MN
Alison Lancashire
On Apr 15, 2013
I've been working with Addie for the past several months to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. When I made the decision to work with her, I had no idea what impact Addie would have on my body, my fitness level, and my attitude. I find myself motivated to hit the gym, confident with my figure, and in better shape than I've been in years. My only regret about my time spent with Addie is not reaching out to her sooner!
Martha Panda
On Oct 25, 2012
Addie is an absolute gem. I am very ecstatic to have found her for a personal trainer. She is highly motivational, supportive, and variable. I love that her work outs are always different every week. Never boring. I feel her personality is such that I have no problem communicating my needs and concerns. If any concerns, she is always quick to assess them and to correct anything that needs it. Her ability to be flexible around my hectic, ridge schedule and 3 kids, is incomparable. Her innovation has enabled her to work my 2 year old son into the workouts. My son loves it!!! I am also very pleased that she can accommodate me at my home, since I am uncomfortable at a gym, or really cant commit to a contract at this time. I love her strengths in my work outs and look at her as my goal to become one day! Addie is a powerhouse Personal Trainer.
Addie's Response on Oct 25, 2012:
Martha, thank you for taking the time to write twice while the site was napping! You are a pleasure to work with and I get a kick out of including your son in workouts! Thank goodness he enjoys being upside-down!
Jules Schuett
On Sep 12, 2012
For the past three weeks I have been working out with Addie, I am finding Tuesdays with Addie a high light of my week. I have done at least a dozen Triathlons in my younger days, and have worked in the fitness industry for over 25 years. I needed someone to hold me accountable to myself now in life. Running a small business and raising a family leaves me weaker than I would like. I have had three surgeries on my knee and a torn foot muscle on my main arch in the past, Addie knowledgeably finds exercises that I can manage. I look forward to watching my strength increase and body get strong again. I know Addie has a path to my success and recommended anyone that needs a kind inspiring trainer to call her!
Julie Hansen
On Sep 04, 2012
I'm a Personal Trainer who has worked with Addie in the Personal Training industry for over a year and have also been trained by Addie. I would be the first to recommend her. She has an incredible knowledge base in the fitness and nutrition field. Addie does a great job of creating customized workouts for each client and get's results!! She always comes with a positive outlook and great motivation. I would not hesitate to hire Addie as your Personal Fitness and Nutrition Coach.
Mark Kosloski
On Jun 12, 2012
Addie is an incredibly organized, highly effective trainer who has impressed me with her inventive and extremely varied workouts. I'm a 38 year old male who has lifted weights, ran and biked for 20+ years, and also recently started doing triathlons. I went to see Addie as a way to work on my agility, core, and stamina, and also as a way to have some fun with my workouts again. She has tailored my workouts to my exact requests. She's fun, motivating, and has never wasted a minute of my time. I look forward to each session. If you are bored with your current workouts I would absolutely recommend contacting Addie.
Robin Heginbotham
On Apr 02, 2012
Addie is terrific with a large diversity of clients. I am a near 50 year old woman who has never worked out before. She helped get me started with a low intensity work out and has since steadily upped the pace to get me to a much better place for healthier living. I would highly recommend her for all levels of work outs. She knows what she is doing and is makes working out a pleasure as well. She is sweet but persistent as a trainer and varies each work out to suit her clients. I would most highly recommend her to all who will be so lucky to enlist her in your better life style.

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