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Karlton Meadows
On Feb 04, 2012
Is there enough space in this box!? Jonathan is one of the most impactful fitness professionals I have had the privilege of knowing, working with . He has been my instructor, my mentor, my friend and my colleague. His ability to communicate with students while empowering them is a valuable assets. He has a skill of making you feel like you are at center stage when you are around him and when he talks with you over miles of separation. He is, in my opinion, a humble celebrity but he repeatedly tells me that he has no magical dust or special powers. But I most say, he has positive influence and that is powerful. He is an advocate for health, fitness and family. His efforts to effect change in the lives of his clients and his community is a reflection of his passion and devotion to others. The success enjoyed by his clients is no accident because he motivates others just by being around them. Their training programs are designed based on solid updated research so the guess work has been eliminated. Those two ingredients will always created success and lasting lifestyle changes. As others will attest and agree, he is worth much more than he charges so your investment in your personal health and well-being will always yield a huge ROI with tangible dividends. If you ever have the slightest possibility of booking an appointment with him, don't hesitate! You can not afford to pass it up!

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