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Dr. Nick Rainey
On Jun 29, 2012
Verified NPI Pro
I am very, very glad that I went through the process to become a Certified Posture Specialist. The material that I learned was invaluable. It is not basic knowledge that all trainers have. It taught me details of the anatomy of the spine and the biomechanics of the spine. It also taught me the layers of muscles that are important in keeping correct posture. As a personal trainer/strength coach I work on people's muscles. Now I understand what muscles need to be worked and in what manner they need to be worked to achieve perfect posture. However, the most important reason I'm glad I am a Certified Posture Specialist is that it gives me confidence in improving people's posture. I know that I've taken the steps to become a posture expert. The clients I help also know that I have taken the steps to become a posture expert so they really embrace what I teach. Almost all my clients (and potential clients) know they need better posture. Now I have one more credential that sets me apart from competition. People are always impressed when I say I'm a Certified Posture Specialist through the National Posture Institute.
Natalie Johnson
On Oct 03, 2011
Verified NPI Pro
Everyone can benefit from posture and balance training and assessment. Fitness Professionals should all be knowledgeable on postural assessment and balance training. the benefits can be seen with any fitness goal/program. The education you receive from the NPI Certificate course is unique and beneficial to all fitness professionals. I highly recommend!
Joanne Jiao
On Sep 11, 2011
I took the National Posture Institute Certified Posture Specialist program. First of all, I really like the flexibility of the online course structure. I could get access to the course site at any time and work at my own pace online. It worked perfectly for me as a person who has to work during the day. I went to the course site and studied between breaks and after work.

Secondly, the content of the course is very organized, professional, and practical. It taught me how to perform posture analysis on my clients, corrective exercises and related subjects from different aspects. The video slides gave me great visual and auditory aids to the contents which made learning easier. I applied what I have learned towards my personal training sessions with my clients. They were new to the concepts which made them very excited and engaged. Thank you NPI for expanding my knowledge and business opportunities. I would recommend the classes to my friends who are working in the field or interested in health and fitness.

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