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On Nov 10, 2011
Linda works well with people of differing abilities within the class, often saying, "Do what you can.", not wanting anyone to do something that may hurt themselves. She is good at communicating what she wants you to do in a very friendly and open way. She is is very specific in showing and telling the correct mechanics of each exercise and encourages people to 'go a little farther' as they gain strength. Linda is always positive, making the pilates class very enjoyable. We expected the classes to be rather boring and laborious but have found them to be just the opposite.
David & Julie
Paul James
On Oct 02, 2011
Linda's approach is specifically designed for the attendees. Her Pilates class for Seniors is perfect for our needs - enhancing flexibility and strengthening the core (and staying away from floor exercises that many Seniors cannot do without pain". `

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