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Heather Belt
On Jul 12, 2012
Tom is an excellent PT. After beginning training with him, I noticed results within a very short period of time. My body became much more toned and my strength has increased considerably. Tom designs varied personal work outs that work you to the edge of what you think that you can achieve, and each time I work out with him I happily learn that I can do things I never thought that I could do. His constant effort to bring his clients to the next level pays off in visible results and keeps each work out new and challenging.

Heather Belt
lisa burnett
On Jul 10, 2012
Tom is an awesome trainer!! He is extremely motivating and always pushes me because he truly believes in my capabilities. I love how he gives me his full attention the hour we are together and love that he puts together fun but challening workouts for me. He is the best!!
Joyce Mcclung
On Feb 13, 2012
Tom is AWESOME as a PT. All he asks is that every time I show up I give him 100% and he does the same for me. Tom doesn't do "cookie cutter" training. Each session he puts together is created just for the individual he is training at that time. Unlike some who are in it just for the money Tom really cares about everyone he trains and everyone who works out in his gym. He is very motivating but will not hesitate to let you know when you are slacking. I know it sounds cliché but he really did save my life.
Betsy Fitzgerald
On Feb 13, 2012
If you are willing to put in the time and energy, you will see fantastic results with Tom as your PT! His enthusiasm is contagious and he his never lacking a well deserved high-five! He has kept me motivated, listened to my needs and is truly a gift! Thank you Tom for helping me achieve my goals!
Tom's Response on Feb 13, 2012:
Thanks has been great to be your PT and you deserve all the credit for achieving your goals. I'm just glad to be along for the ride!
On Aug 15, 2011
I have been working with Tom for three weeks. Having never worked out and having physical disabilities, Tom is responsible and encouraging in his coaching. He pushes me past what I believe I can do and celebrates in my successes.

I visited 3 fitness facilities before selecting Zona Fitness and knew immediately that Zona Fitness and Tom were the right fit for me. I know that Tom has my health and fitness as the ultimate goal.

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