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W Phillips
On Nov 06, 2012
I hired Jessica for a series of personal training sessions after hearing from friends how great she was. Not only is Jessica a wonderful person she is a highly knowledgeable and talented trainer. I found her initial assessment very helpful and subsequent training a lot of fun. Despite having a solid base from running, she was able to target my weak points and help me build strength in key areas. She also provided feedback on my running form which has eliminated minor injuries from reoccurring. This training resulted in faster race times and general wellness and increased strength. I have been able to take what I have learned from Jessica and continue many elements independently at home and at the gym. I would highly recommend Jessica to those just getting started or well trained athletes.
Valerie Martin
On Nov 15, 2011
Jessica is everything I was looking for in a personal trainer! She keeps me motivated, gets me doing things I did not think I could do, and ensures that my form is correct to avoid injuries. She takes all the information about my goals, strengths and weaknesses and creates a unique workout for me several times a week that is challenging, fun and effective. I know I'm in good hands with Jessica!
On Nov 09, 2011
I found Jessica through a friend, she has been my Personal Trainer for about four months. When she began our sessions I was 75 pounds overweight and had not worked out in 25 years. A few weeks ago we went for a two mile jog and I didn't think that I could make it but we did. Last week we jogged four miles up and down hills! I have improved with core building also.
Jessica has been great! She knows how hard to push and when to pull back verbally and physically.
Thank you Jessica!
On Nov 08, 2011
jessica is great. she has really helped me make progress in all areas.

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