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Yulia Grosheva
On Jun 06, 2014
I've enjoyed taking my certification course at the Spenser Institute, I like it that they have a unique set of certification programs. I took Sport Hypnosis just out of curiosity, and I'm so happy I did, it was interesting, it had videos and audios and a textbook to download and it's given me a totally new and different insight on sports and fitness and my dance classes. They made it convenient and informative.
Shannon Foster
On Aug 17, 2011
Verified Spencer Institute Pro
I took their Food Pyschology course and loved it. Lots of valuable information. I would highly recommend them. I also want to do the Mind Body Coach and Holistic Life Coach.
Verified Spencer Institute Pro
Great place to get your certifications from! They are up-to-date with the most recent techniques and also incorporate proven traditional ones in your training as well. Great organization to work with!
Kelly Laura
On Jan 21, 2013
Verified Spencer Institute Pro
I completed the Wellness Coach and the Personal Fitness Chef programs through the Spencer Institute. I absolutely loved it. My only issue now is trying to get my certifications verified on FitnessConnect. It has been several months now since I requested verification. Other than that, It was great and I learned a lot.
MF De Hoyos
On Jun 30, 2011
I very convinient to take courses with them...i have a great experience and they are so accommodating...and trainings are really so great...really learned a lot from them....i would recommend course from them specially with the Wellness and Coaching programs....
Verified Spencer Institute Pro
I have several certifications from the Spencer Institute and NESTA, however, I don't get bogged down economically or otherwise by attempting to keep up with their CE requirements. I have an MA in Health Education and numerous national and state certifications. If every company who I have a certificate with believes that we will continue to throw money at them ever year or two to "keep up" even though they give us nothing in return, the're in a different world than we are.
On Jul 30, 2014
I am trying to go to the website but it says "error connecting to database". Is the spencer institute legit or a scam?
On Oct 11, 2012
Spencer Institute Response on Oct 15, 2012:
Hi Jess - We take customer service seriously at The Spencer Institute and we are disappointed to hear that your experience was not up to your expectations. If you'd like, please contact me directly and I would be happy to review your situation and to resolve any problems you've encountered with our customer service team. If you can remember details, such as who you spoke with, etc., it would also be most helpful.
Spencer Institute Response on Oct 15, 2012:
Hi Michael - CEU's are the standard protocol for anyone in the health/fitness industry. This is to be able to both learn and discover the latest information available. If I had a trainer or coach that didn't have current CEU's, I would wonder why they didn't want to invest in that much for themselves to be among the top of their field.

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