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  • by Qui Trinh on Apr 12, 2015

    I thought the material made in this was extremely helpful in identifying muscle imbalances. I have definitely used a lot of the techniques that were taught to me in my sessions with students.I really liked this course and found myself using it in all of my sessions with clients. The videos lectures taught by Justin Price were made easy to understand.

    If you have a client that is in pain and/or looking to improve their performance, I highly recommend this product. You will learn something in this course.

  • by Brenda Bilek on Mar 11, 2015

    The knowledge that I have gained by engaging in The BioMechanics Method Level 1 course is invaluable to my Health Coaching practice. I found the materials to be organized in such a way that made learning fun and comprehensible. The in-depth and step-by-step manner in which the course is organized, allows for the techniques to be incorporated into any program from the very beginning; not only with clients, but also has assisted me in correcting my own imbalances. The BioMechanics Method is a very good investment. I highly recommend this course. Thank you Justin and Mary – Brenda B. PhD

  • by Linda Ayers on Feb 26, 2015

    I have completed and received my certification in the BioMechanics Method recently and as an ACE certified trainer, I find the program to be a wonderful complement to my ACE training. It builds on the foundational principles of the ACE method, and gives you the necessary skills to teach your clients how to achieve correct movement patterns by first correcting the malalignments in a step by step, release, stretching, and strengthening program, addressing the nueromuscular retraining to give clients relief from pain, and the freedom to do the things they used to enjoy. I am seeing a real increase in new client interest, as my present clients spread the word about the corrective exercise program and the relief they are finding. Before purchase, and during my learning process after purchase I received help with any questions I had promptly and graciously from the BioMechanics experts. I highly recommend this program to any Personal Trainer looking to more fully meet the needs of their current clients and to reach and retain more clients.

  • by Stevey Gaddis on Jan 21, 2015

    Just finished Level 1! Loved it! I was skeptical to spend that much money on something that may be to hard. I spoke with 2 people that had taken it, trusted them...and they nailed it! Justin, is an excellent instructor, speaks well, explains well and would always refer back to previous chapters about how we had gone over something. The test were not so hard you can not pass, but hard enought to make you think. The exercise manual is nice also...very nice! You will always have it to refer back to if needed to help treat a specific area.
    Mary, was also very helpful when I was trying to make my decision. After completion, there is an email, setting my referral link and certificate.
    I recommend this course to any fitness profession looking to inhance their carrier. I am a personal trainer...I am huge on form and mechanics. TBMM will help with training and for others with pain issues.
    I will be taking Level 2 in the near future!

  • by Gene Szpiech on Dec 02, 2014

    I've just completed The BioMechanics Method Level One certification and I'd have to say that it's one of the best programs that I've been through.

    I sought out the corrective exercise path after struggling with clients that just didn't move well or were limited by their aches/pains sometimes resulting in cancelled sessions.

    The TBMM material is comprehensive and structured well. I found it informative and easy to apply to real-world situations. I am thankful that this topic has been addressed in a way that will allow me to help my existing clients but also to help those that have not been able to exercise due to their limitations.

    As a trainer, if you've encountered the same problems that I have, this is the program for you. Justin and Mary have created a fantastic program.

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