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Mary Swenson
On Nov 19, 2012
Kevin is a terrific trainer who helped me reach my fitness goals. Not only did he customize an exercise regimen to match my interests and abilities, he helped me learn how to eat healthier as well. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone who wants to lose weight, increase their physical fitness, and/or lead a healthier lifestyle.
Helen Shaughnessy
On Nov 14, 2012
We started working with Kevin back in February. Kevin came prepared with a level of confidence and guidance that allowed us to begin the path to fitness. Dave and I are not physical fitness nuts. Having Kevin come to our home made both of us feel more comfortable and we were able to workout without the fear of judgement like at a high priced fitness center. The workouts varied to avoid boredom and pushed us to do better every week. Kevin also gave us homework! This kept us active and moving throughout the week! Kevin's expertise and knowledge gave us the boost we needed to continue our healthy journey. We recommend Kevin and know that if you are beginners like us, he will help you reach your goals!
Karen Kenny
On Nov 08, 2012
Kevin is an excellent personal traininer and one that I highly recommend to any one who is looking for a healty lifestyle. Kevin plans his workouts ahead of time with specific goals in mind. One thing I really like about our workouts is that Kevin changes it up each session in order to keep it interesting and to challenge my athletic abilties. It's not so "routine" and I like that. He's professional and very knowledgeable, and explains how to use a piece of equipment in order to acieve the best result and prevent to injury. I have accomplished so much more than I ever thought I would in a short period of time. After only a few short weeks I began noticing my clothes fitting differently. I highly recommend Kevin for anyone who is looking for a personal trainer who is dedicated to his profession. He will customize a workout that fits your personal goals, he will work with you to meet your goals and will celebrate with you when you achieve them.
Lindley Pittman
On Oct 30, 2012
I have been working with Kevin for several months. He has provided needed inspiration to move to another level with my workouts. He thoughtfully plans his workouts for me to focus on specific needs and goals. Knowing he will be training me provides accountability because he will not let me slack off. His skill and knowledge is unmatched. He has provided the motivation and knowledge required for me to completed successfully two different physical fitness tests. One for a civilian SWAT team and one for the National Guard. I strongly recommend Kevin for any goals you hope to achieve.

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