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Sarah Dodge
On Nov 16, 2012
Maria is an awesome intstructor, coach, motivator and all around person!! She is always so positive and willing to help others. I love taking her Body Step class, she makes it so fun that you don't mind almost killing yourself for an hour! She truly does make a difference in the lives of everyone she meets!!
toni traylor
On Nov 16, 2012
I love Maria! I love her classes, her energy and her personality! I met Maria several years ago and loved her from the beginning but boy how she has grown! Maria is an inspiration for women ( and everyone) of ALL ages and is so knowledgable and most importantly continues to learn and improve for the masses. I wish I could take more classes from Maria than I do, she is defintely my fav!
Jim Bishop
On Nov 16, 2012
Listen, learn and love it!!! It has been so much of a pleasure over the years to have Maria at American Family Fitness. I have been a fitness enthusiast for many years. Not only is Maria energetic and enthusiastic, she is pretty darn smart too. This woman knows what she is doing when it comes to fitness and lifestyle. She will not lead you to diets that will ultimately be counter productive in the long run. She keeps it real and fun. That is energizing!!
Marcela McClain
On Nov 16, 2012
I consider myself a very demanding person when it comes to commitment with an activity or profession and very demanding when it comes to choosing my personal role models. Maria Beall has been in my life one of those role models that I have carefully chosen to inspire me to bring out of me the inner strength, beauty and confidence that I struggle to get back after my last pregnancy. Out of many of the classes I assist to, I make hers a priority simply because I find the best combination of enthusiasm, beauty, determination, hard work and fun! She constantly makes me laugh while my body screams pain through the exercises! Her character inspires confidence and her inspiration and motivation has brought lasting success into my life. Maria Beall believes what she says and lives what she says. She is truly a leader and has had a HUGE impact in the last 4 years of my life and more to come. Thank you Maria!!
Christopher McKinney
On Nov 15, 2012
Nearly two years ago, I joined American Family Fitness looking to get into better shape. For the first two months, I idly swam about, did some occasional elliptical, and took an occasional class. In other words, I didn't really do anything. Then I took my first Sh'bam class with Maria. From the moment it started, I noticed Maria's energy and enthusiasm, and suddenly, I was all in. She put a fire under my butt that nobody else could, and suddenly I was doing multiple classes a day, several days a week. And Maria doesn't just excel in Sh'bam. I've had the immense pleasure of taking her classes in Body Pump, Body Step, 30-Minute Abs, and more. Not only do I consider Maria a role model, I consider her a friend. If I could just get Maria to be at my door every morning to get me going, I'd be the fittest, happiest man alive. :-)
Dana Hurst
On Nov 15, 2012
"THE bomb" pretty much sums up Maria Beall as a fitness professional, group exercise instructor, and all-around role model! Every class I take with her is energetic, fun, yet professional and choreographed with knowledge and expertise! People seek her out from gym to gym just to spend an hour in her "light." She is wonderful :) Once you meet her, you will be convinced! (Thank you Maria, for all you do to help us all live longer, healthier lives!)
Lizbeth Romero
On Nov 15, 2012
Maria is a highly qualified and knowledgeable fitness instructor. She is motivated and a sheer pleasure to be around. She makes sure proper form is used to get the most out of your workout and to help prevent any injuries from occurring. Her dedication and willingness to help anyone who has questions makes her an invaluable asset to the fitness professional community. Her classes keep me motivated and I will continue to strive and hopefully one day reach her level of fitness. -Liz Romero
leslie karbonit
On Nov 15, 2012
Maria is an inspiration and a motivation to everyone she meets in the gym or outside the gym! I take several of her classes several times a week. She is not only strong and beautiful, but she's smart... When you ask her a question about fitness/body 9 times out of 10, she already knows the answer and if she doesn't she is more than willing to find out the answer for you! Maria ROCKS, I am lucky to have met her! Thank you for reaching out and helping others every day!
Elizabeth Wilkins
On Jul 11, 2012
After only a few classes with Maria, my clothes fit much better and my endurance has increased substantially. I have also noticed more tone and less flab than before I began the boot camp class along with increased energy. Maria is an excellent motivator and makes the class very enjoyable. Elizabeth W.
On May 15, 2012
Maria is great to work with. I ahd never attended a boot camp before so I was not sure what to expect. She is funny , encouraging and knowlegdable. I lost 3 and 1/2 inchees during boot camp and my clothes fit better. While I was discouraged that I did not loose any weight , Maria suggested I give up my Lean Cuisine for lunch. I have since lost 6 pounds!! Thank You Maria I feel great!4

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