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Rebecca Cox
On Jul 31, 2013
Janice is my mentor when it comes to fitness. She coached me on my first triathlon and I look forward to becoming an even better athlete with her assistance. She knows how to motivate and challenge.
Kathy Mathis
On Jan 05, 2012
Janice is awesome! I have never met anyone who loves exercise and physical fitness so much :) She is very patient with you when she works with you but she also challenges you to do your personal best. I hope to be one of her success stories!
Kathy Mathis, Lake Placid
Donna Varady
On Jan 05, 2012
I have worked with Janice for 12 years and I can say that she is definitely committed to fitness.

She works very hard to continue her fitness education and would be a great trainer for you!!
Jan Barney
On Jul 06, 2011
I've know Janice for several years and I can attest to the accuracy of everything on this website. Janice is a fantastic personal trainer and would be an asset to anyone who is starting or trying to improve a healthy lifestyle.

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