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julie cooley
On Oct 07, 2012
I been working out with Brandye for about 6 months now. I look forward to it every time! She makes working out fun but keeps us focused if we start to get off track. I would recommend Brandye to anyone who wants to get back in shape while having fun! She will help you with a plan to keep you on track even with a busy schedule!
Connie Fee
On Oct 03, 2012
I just started with Brandye a few months ago. I like how she is teaching me about form and pace she also has different routines so I dont get bored. she has even taught me about green smoothies and the benefits of them. I stopped doing the smoothies for a couple of weeks and definitely noticed a difference in how I feel. I actually called her today and asked her if we could get together to make smoothies together soon. Overall, I am impress with Brandye and her motivation.
Tari Cooley
On Oct 02, 2012
I would 100% recommend you choose Brandye for your personal fitness training!

I came to Brandye with no gym or work-out experience and approaching the very scary age of 60. I have severe arthritis with constant pain and I had no muscle mass and no energy. I just felt hopeless.

Now, 18 months later after working with Brandye every week, I am a new person!! I am in the best shape of my life and feel like I'm 30 again. My joints move better, I am more positive about my life, I feel great every day, and have workouts with her that I look forward to every week.

Brandye has given me a new shape with well defined arms and legs. My pain is minimal now that Brandye shows me the correct form while training. She has literally saved my life!

Brandye and her strength training program was an absolute godsend. With me, Brandye has a client for life because she absolutely knows what she is doing and I am very grateful I have her in my life.

Portage Lakes, OH
melanie stasiewski
On Oct 01, 2012
I love working with Brandye, she's very committed to each persons success even beyond physical transformation. I can count on her for emotional and spiritual encouragement. As a mother my schedule is always hectic and changing. I find it wonderful that she can be flexible with me and make sure i get my training done.
She's educated, bold, fun and tough when necesary!
Sylvia G
On Oct 01, 2012
I highly recommend Brandye. She is extremely knowledgeable and works with you to develop a plan that is geared to your individual needs.
She provides the support and the motivation that I need on each workout session. I'm very impressed with the body transformation that I have achieved with her help and guidance.

A very satisfied client.
Nichole Booker
On Apr 23, 2012
Brandye is a very professional, very knowledgeable trainer. She takes your identified goals and your workout likes/dislikes and tries to come up with training that gets results but that you can also enjoy doing. She's also just very down to earth and fun to work with. I would highly recommend Brandye as a personal trainer.

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