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Rebecca White
On Nov 14, 2014
Loved the course I attended. Taught very well. The instructor was very intelligent and attentive. Looking forward to attending more. Will put my certificate to good use.
Vivian Demaier
On Nov 13, 2014
Just completed the weekend course offerings in Columbia SC, Excellent Instructor, Great experience. Will have the rest of my staff register the next time they are in town. Would most definitely recommend.
Emanuel Fernandez
On Nov 13, 2014
GREAT info during the Miami, FL Courses. Registered for the whole weekend and had an awesome experience. Will put to practical use in my office ASAP. :-) Highly Recommend!
Ryan Ortega
On Aug 10, 2013
What I love about ISFTA is the fact that they include a PRACTICAL component to their CPT certification exams. So not only do learn the information, but you also get first hand experience in having to be able to APPLY it.
Kerri Yomens
On Aug 10, 2013
I would like to thank ISFTA and its GREAT roster of top notch course instructors for the opportunities that have opened up to me since receiving my certificate. Fitness has always been a passion of mine. Now I can turn that passion into a career by helping others fulfill their fitness goals. I want to extend my thanks for the courses you offer and the unwavering drive that the ISFTA staff has in making sure that LIVE person to person instruction and practical hands on application is still best format for keeping the personal in person training. Thanks Team ISFTA!
Beth Martinez
On May 19, 2013
Just took the functional workshop.
Have to say it was a great experience.
Will recommend to others in my office.
Tim Hamstead
On Mar 15, 2013
As an educational provider myself I have a very scrutinizing eye for courses that I am willing to pay my hard earned money to attend. When I registered for my course I was pleased to see how dedicated the staff was to providing an unparalleled educational experience for its attendees. Everything from course registration to course presentation was spot on to what I would expect for what I was paying for. The added service of submitting my CEU's directly to the state was a great bonus. I strongly approve of this company and applauded their approach to providing superior service and education to its students.
Sara Smalls
On Mar 12, 2013

A must for any LMT (or any medical professional for that matter) needing CEUs!
I have attended many CEU courses and been certified by many organizations during my 20 plus yrs of being in the health, fitness and wellness fields. I have never had a more pleasurable educational experience then what I had with ISFTA. Their office staff was prompt courteous and efficient not to mention they submitted my CEUs right to CE Broker for me (most impressed :-)). Can't wait to attend their upcoming rehab fitness course in central FL. Definitely would recommend attending their functional training course. The tools and methodologies covered during the hands on workshop can be easily transitioned to your everyday massage repertoire.
Most impressed ....and that is no small feat for an old grump like me..LOL
Sara Smalls
On Mar 12, 2013
A must for any fitness center looking for competent training staff!
I am always amazed at how ISFTA Certified Trainers are more engaged, motivated and prepared to be on the floor than any other trainers that come to us looking for placement within our facility. I spend half the time teaching new trainers the basics when they come to me having been though the ISFTA CPT curriculum. Thanks to ISFTA we now spend less time training our trainers things that they should come to us already knowing. This gives us the advantage of allocating more time to growing the club and increasing the opportunities for our staff.

Eric Bastion
On Dec 13, 2012
I am a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist and Health club owner. I have to say that Their approach is spot on with the direction that the industry is going in. With the lines between medical professional and fitness professional getting closer and closer. ISFTA has served me well and there staff has always been very friendly and informative. I have many trainers working in my faculty and many of them hold different certifications from different companies. I do have to say that the new trainers that come to me from having been through the ISFTA certification process are bit more prepared to be on the floor than others. All Certification companies have their pros and cons but I believe that ISFTA is on a unique track that separates them from your average certification company.

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