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Amy Rauch
On Oct 25, 2013
Verified NPTI Pro
NPTI is hands down the best program out there. The program now consists of 600 hours of education including 350 hours in the classroom consisting of anatomy and physiology, nutrition, fitness programing, legal considerations, business concepts, fitness assessments and more. In addition the other 250 hours are spent on practical application in a fitness facility, 50 of which is a required internship outside of the regular class time. The material presented includes theories from NPTI, NSCA, and NASM. Upon graduation you Diploma in Personal Training, a Diploma in Nutrition, and CPR/AED certification. In addition each student is also eligible to sit for the NASM CPT exam.
After attending this program I was absolutely ready to hit the ground running. My classmates and I are in high demand by many of the corporate fitness facilities in the area. About half of my graduating class had jobs ready to go prior to graduation. The ones who didn't were the ones who didn't want to go to work right away.
The instructors are amazing and I can't thank them enough for the education.
William Asher
On Dec 20, 2012
As a both a fitness expert and fitness enthusiast I highly recommend the National Personal Training Institute (NPTI).

I am so passionate about health and fitness that I decided to leave corporate america in 1995 and transition into the fitness industry full time. For the last18 years I have been training clients long before many certification agencies or weekend courses ever existed. I have also managed and owned several very successfull health and fitness companies that specialized in fitness Training.

I consider myself to be well educated and have obtained both a B.S in Operations Management and a M.S in Business Administration and many certifications in Personal Training, Group Fitness, Cancer Exercise, Strength & Conditioning and Nutrition from some of the most recognized names in the industry.

I enrolled in NPTI because I found there 500 hour program to be the most dynamic and detailed oriented programs in the field of personal training and nutrition. If you want to be the best in the field of health and fitness go to a place that will teach you how to be an effective and highly recognized fitness professional and earn a diploma in Personal Training which never expires. Go to NPTI.

William A. Asher MBA, CPT, CSCS, CNS, CES
Certified Fitness Professional
Matthew Wellersdick
On Dec 01, 2012
Verified NPTI Pro
NPTI is a great way to get the best possible education available to become a highly knowledgeable and confidant personal trainer without having to go to a university for years and years.
This class is not meant to be easy. It takes 6 months to complete and requires you to really work, study, and be hands on with the practical portions of class each day.
You get out of it what you put into it.
The curriculum goes deep and is well presented by the awesome instructors at NPTI.
I highly recommend NPTI to all potential fitness professionals.

Matt Wellersdick, NPTI Graduate, Raleigh NC
Thad McLaurin
On Jan 07, 2012
Verified NPTI Pro
Doesn't seem to be any info up on NPTI yet, so I wanted to give a shout out to his great diploma program.

Training at NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) includes 300 hours of classroom instruction plus 200 hours supervised, hands-on gym time. It lets you gain a new career while getting in the best shape of your life. This 6-month program was awesome. I learned more than I ever could from weekend workshops or over the internet.

This extensive educational program for personal training provided...

500-Hour Comprehensive Program
5 hours a day, 4 days a week for 6 months
or 8 hours every Saturday for one year.
State Approved

In-Depth Coverage of Client Evaluation and Exercise Program Design

Complete fitness assessment and client evaluation
Exercise program designed for all goals
Intensity and volume modification
Proper sets, reps, and rest intervals

Detailed Anatomy and Physiology Instruction

Body planes and types of movements
Origin/Insertion/Action for all major muscles of the
Micro and macro anatomy and physiology of the body
and cells
Extensive Anatomy and Physiology terminology

Detailed Nutrition Instruction

Coverage of macro and micro nutrients
Detailed analysis of the body’s energy systems
Extensive discussion of popular and fad diets and
Instruction on proper diets for fitness, performance,
and health
Practice in simulation of nutritional consultation

Practical Internship

6 months of hands-on experience in a fitness facility
with a personal trainer
Over 50 sessions of simulated, real-time experience
as a personal trainer
Full coverage of all exercises and machines including
balls, bands, and weights
6 months of challenging workouts
Journal record keeping for both workouts and nutrition

Students who successfully complete our 500-hour personal training program will receive:

A diploma in Personal Training, which includes 100
hours of Nutrition (In the State of Arizona it is
called a “Certificate of Completion”)
CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certifications

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