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Heike Yates
On May 23, 2011
Verified Bodyblade Pro
A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of really getting to know the Bodyblade and now my clients love it!
I had experienced the Bodyblade when it first hit the marked many years ago but it just did not impact me as much as the second time around.
Why you might ask? The master trainer Paul Shaun Edwards made sense of the blade and it's use. Prior experiences did not scratch the surface of what Edwards made us feel while "bladding". He made a true believer out of me and the other trainers present, why the Bodyblade is here to stay. The Bodyblade is versatile, portable, affordable, produces results and is just plain fun.
All I have to say is: "Bring the Blade to rest - now"! Try it and you know what I mean.

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