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Angela Bridgford
On Aug 07, 2011
Verified FIT4MOM® Pro
The certifications offered by Stroller Strides are top notch and second to none. Farel Hruska is an excellent trainer for all programs providing essential information on anatomy, exercises and instruction. Her vast experience and knowledge in prenatal and postnatal fitness inspires each woman she trains.
Stephanie Fleck
On Jul 15, 2011
Verified FIT4MOM® Pro
These trainings are filled with current and beneficial information regarding prenatal and postnatal fitness. A must for any fitness professional working with clients in the pre & postnatal stage!
Farel Hruska
On Jul 13, 2011
Verified FIT4MOM® Pro
All trainings offered by Stroller Strides are so complete, professional, fun and educational...highly recommended!
Brandi Dockett
On Jul 13, 2011
If you want to be the best in the field for prenatal and postnatal fitness, then take a Stroller Strides, Fit 4 Baby, or Body Back training. I am certified in 2 of these programs and not only has my business benefited from adding these programs, but the knowledge I have gained for myself as well as my clients has been great! I highly recommend fitness professionals to consider completing any of the trainings from Stroller Strides.

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