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Veronica Scheier
On May 26, 2014
Well, FITOUR its a legitimate organization, but unfortunately its not yet nationally recognize. but should be!!! because its great, you learn A LOT with FITOUR.
Some Health Club will accept this certification as enough credential to teach in their facility , but probably most Health Club, will not.
But ANYWAY, I recommend FITOUR, because its a great TOOL to help you to become a better instructor.
Anyway get FITOUR but also get AFAA or ACE in addition!
Alexandra Morales
On Jan 17, 2012
Suzi Alva
On Jan 12, 2012
I truly recommend FITour! The programs are great, straight forward & precise information, easy to grasp & understand and what I enjoyed the most was taking the exam online & getting my test result fast, you also know which answers you got wrong so you can learn.
I LOVE FITour, it's great for beginners - advance instructors, affordable and challeging!!!!

I've done online certifications with NESTA, but I enjoyed and liked FITour so much better thats why I only recommend FITour!
Susie Cahill
On Jul 22, 2011
Fitour makes it very affordable and possible to become certified and begin a successful business for yourself. They equip you with the knowledge and resources you need to get going. They are very good about getting back with their customer responses as well. I highly recommend Fitour.
Mary LaDisa
On Jul 23, 2012
I recently was interviewed for a personal training position and was told that the FITOUR certification was not nationally accredited and that I should go to a 3rd party testing facility to take a Proctor test. Anyone any insight on this?
Sandra Loftis
On Mar 12, 2012
I have Senior Fitness and Advanced Personal Trainer certs from FiTour. I appreciate them as CEC providers and for being affordably priced. I wish they were more comprehensive in their exams, most especially because there is no practical component, but I realize that not all certifying organizations utilize written AND practical sections. The Senior Fitness cert was actually superior, IMO, to the Adv Pers Trainer cert, with regards to exercise selection, variations & modifications.
Dee Cole
On Jun 08, 2014
I would not recommend Fitour, for these reasons. I feel they are misleading when they say they are accredited, and are not. When you get your certificate, I actually printed mine out at home right after taking the test, there is no accreditation or credentials listed. So who is going to accept this? Answer, no one. A facility you apply to wants to see who is backing your certificate. I personally would rather spend an extra $100 or more (Fitour is an extremely cheap program) to get a certification which has more on it than just Fitour Official certification and my name on it. On Fitours web page they say they are accredited by ACFE, but why isn't this on the certificate I printed out? I personally am unhappy that I didn't pay the money I spent with Fitour and apply it to a more prestigious and accredited certification program. My 2 cents, enroll in a better program.

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